Tuesday, November 28, 2023



Indian-origin doctor working at Bahrain hospital operated by Kerala-based group fired for pro-Israel tweets, arrested

Dr Sunil Rao has been sacked from his position at the Royal Bahrain Hospital for pro-Israel tweets.

Bahraini MPs discuss the death of dreaded gangster Atiq Ahmed in parliament, use his murder to say Muslims are being targeted in India

Bahraini MPs cited Atiq Ahmed's murder to claim 'Muslims are being targeted in India'.

Bahrain: Three members of a Shia Muslim group sentenced to jail over YouTube discussions on Islam

Three members of Shia Muslim group Al-Tajdeed in Bahrain have been given jail terms over discussions on Islam on YouTube

Exporter of terrorists, no locus standi on Kashmir: India slams Pakistan at 146th Parliamentary Union in Bahrain

Pakistan in its address at the IPU Assembly, referred to Kashmir in its habitual manner. India through a Right to Reply (RoR) slammed Pakistan terming it an "exporter of terrorists" and reiterated that Pakistan has no locus standi on Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh. 

‘It was the British manager who stopped my hijab-clad friend’: Customer clarifies in the Bahrain Indian restaurant controversy

Customer whose friend was stopped from entering Indian restaurant in Bahrain by a British manager gave statement: Watch

Woman claims British manager of an Indian restaurant in Bahrain refused entry to her veil-clad friend, restaurant shut down

Indian restaurant Lanterns' in Bahrain has been ordered to shut down for refusing entry to a veil-clad woman

Picture of Afghan evacuee Tamal Bhattacharya posing with the Taliban emerges after he praised the group, sources suggest he may flee India

Petitioner Raj Chowdhury alleged that Tamal Bhattacharya has plans to flee India within a week's time and move to Bahrain.

Cases of Wuhan virus surge in Bahrain, UAE despite Chinese vaccine, countries opt for Pfizer booster doses

In a separate trial in Serbia, 29% of 150 participants were found to have zero antibodies against the virus even after three months. In addition, the average age of the people who participated in the Serbian study was higher than 65.

Questions raised on efficacy of Chinese Covid-19 vaccine as cases rise despite its use, countries decide on third booster dose of Sinopharm

Despite being most vaccinated country mostly with Sinopharm vaccine, new Covid-19 cases have surged in Seychelles

Hamas fires rockets on Israel while UAE and Baharain sign peace accord in USA, Israeli response hits Gaza weapons facility

Two Israeli civilians were injured in the Hamas rocket fire in the city of Ashdod. About 8 rockets were intercepted by Israel's Iron Dome defence system.

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