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Medals of top 4 athletes at Beijing Half Marathon taken back after probe revealed that 3 African runners slowed down to let Chinese competitor...

The top 4 finishers of Beijing Half Marathon stripped of their medals after an investigation found 3 African runners deliberately slowed down near the finish line to let a Chinese competitor win

‘China destroying our identity’, says Tibetans after Chinese state media started substituting ‘Tibet’ with ‘Xizang’ in line with Beijing’s White paper

Chinese state-run media has drastically increased the use of the term “Xizang” to substitute “Tibet” in their English articles

China’s property market readying for collapse? As Evergrande files for bankruptcy, another major developer Country Garden looking at 7.6 billion loss

One after another, the companies began to crumble as they could not pay their bills. More than 50 Chinese property developers have defaulted or failed to make debt payments in the last three years, NYT reported citing credit ratings agency Standard & Poor’s.

China sacks ‘missing’ foreign minister Qin Gang, replaces him with his predecessor Wang Yi

Intriguingly, Qin had gone 'missing' since meeting with Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Andrey Rudenko in Beijing on June 25.

China’s Zhejiang provincial government deletes Covid-19 mortality data after numbers show over 70% increase in cremations in the first quarter

China has reportedly deleted the mortality data of one of its most populated provinces, which included the Covid-19 death toll too.

Chinese President Xi Jinping meets ‘friend’ Bill Gates in Beijing, says he is hopeful about US-China ties

The Microsoft co-founder on Wednesday tweeted: "I've just landed in Beijing for the first time since 2019, where I'm excited to visit with partners who have been working on global health and development challenges with @gatesfoundation for more than 15 years."

Two Chinese govt agents arrested in the US for a plot by Beijing against exiled anti-Communist Falun Gong spiritual movement: Full details

US authorities have arrested two suspected Chinese government agents in connection with an alleged plot by Beijing against the exiled anti-communist Falun Gong spiritual movement, Al Jazeera reported. 

Its raining worms: Here is what we know about the bizarre viral video of worms from China

Several suggestions have started to appear online to help solve the mystery, but the Chinese authorities have not yet explained the cause of the bizarre phenomenon.

Iran and Saudi Arabia to restore diplomatic relations after China-brokered talks in Beijing, to reopen embassies

Iran and Saudi Arabia to resume diplomatic relations and re-open embassies within two months after talks in Beijing

China: Over 12,000 Covid patients have died in one week, 80% of the population has been affected, says govt

Wu Zunyou has claimed that the present "wave of the epidemic has already infected about 80 per cent of the people" in the country of 1.4 billion population.

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