Friday, September 17, 2021



China summons UK ambassador for her ‘arrogant article’ on media freedom, diplomat pushes back: Here is what transpired

Britain ambassador to China was summoned by the Chinese foreign ministry to chastise her for an article she wrote

Almost 100% of China’s public spaces under watch: Here is how China turned neighbours into agents of the Chinese Communist Party

China is close to achieving a complete surveillance of its public spaces with its ambitious 'Sharp Eyes' programme that turns neighbours into enablers of communist surveillance state

Chinese debt crisis: After Sri Lanka, Venezuela the next target of China’s debt-trap diplomacy?

After Pakistan and Sri Lanka, Venezuela appears to be the latest in the list of nations staggering under the shadow of China’s crippling debts.

Chinese human rights activist calls for the world to organise ‘clean Olympics’, says China should not have the honour of hosting the event

Penning down how China has always carried out oppressive against common people, the Chinese activist urged the world to 'clean Olympics'

How China uses extensive spying operations to assert its global dominance: From India to Afghanistan, the US and beyond

China has been carrying out espionage against rival countries that it deems are consequential to its national security and global supremacy

Amidst call to boycott 2020 Beijing Winter Olympics, Canada says it would warn athletes against publicly criticising China

Due to China's decision to arbitrarily detain two Canadian nationals, there have been growing calls for boycotting the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Coronavirus flares up in China again, Shijiazhuang, a city of 11 million people goes under lockdown

China closed down Shijiazhuang as Covid-19 cases are on the rise in the region.

China’s information warfare: How Beijing uses censorship, disinformation and propaganda to control and influence domestic narrative

A primer into how the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) has been regulating the flow of information and distorting it with disinformation to maintain its preeminence.

While a mutated form appears in UK, COVID outbreak grips China again as cities declare ‘wartime’: Reports

Locals say that they do not believe the official narrative and suspect that there have been more diagnosed cases than announced.

I-T Dept initiates probe against the Hindu for running Chinese propaganda, complaint filed against Hindustan Times too: Report

The complaint seeks an investigation into inflow of Chinese money that might have be received by these newspapers for publishing the Chinese advertisements.

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