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Uttar Pradesh: Atif poses as Hindu to befriend minor girl on social media, uses objectional pictures to blackmail her to convert, extort money

Uttar Pradesh police confirmed that despite pressurisation, neither did the minor girl convert nor did she marry the accused

Uttar Pradesh: Muslim man poses as Hindu to lure girl and rape her multiple times, kin of man threaten to leak her videos

A girl from Balipur village, Uttar Pradesh has approached the police with a complaint against a Muslim youth for posing as a Hindu to befriend her.

Grooming Jihad: Father of 7 children Abid poses as ‘Inspector Aditya’, blackmails, marries Hindu woman and forcefully converts to Islam

Abid Hawari posed as police officer Aditya Singh to cheat Hindu women in Uttar Pradesh.

Congress MLA says ‘unknown’ woman called and performed ‘obscene’ act, now blackmailing him

MLA justified attending to the unknown call saying he assumed it might be from someone from his constituency calling him for help.

Two arrested from West Bengal for raping 66 women, sent to police custody: Here are the details

West Bengal police arrested a delivery boy and his aide from Bandel in Hooghly, accused of blackmailing and raping 66 women.

Uttar Pradesh: Minor girl repeatedly raped by ‘boyfriend’, four others, prime accused Faiz Sheri blackmailed her by leaking intimate videos

As per reports, the victim claimed that Faiz Sheri promised her marriage a year ago and has been raping her since.

40 victims, most over age of 50: Six including Waris, Rayees and Wahid arrested for running online sextortion racket

The accused used to extort money from people after recording them watching obscene videos over video calls.

Grooming Jihad: Saeed forces woman into changing her religion and marry him, rapes her at gunpoint

Case against one Mohammad Saeed was filed under anti-conversion law in Uttar Pradesh

Chattisgarh: 16-year-old girl gang-raped by four including a minor boy, raped again by threatening to upload a video of the assault

The girl was taken to a dilapidated and deserted quarter of railway, where the four youths gang-raped the minor girl and recorded the act

Uttar Pradesh: Man forces woman to convert to Islam after sexually abusing her in Gorakhpur district

Man forces woman for religious conversion on pretext of making an objectionable video viral, arrested by police

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