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Reports of a second blast in Mohali intelligence office false, Police ask channels to be cautious

Punjab Police debunked claims of second blast in Mohali. Asked news channels to be cautious.

Pakistan: Explosion near Karachi University, 4 including 2 Chinese nationals dead. Here is what we know so far

Gulshan SP informed that a probe has been launched to determine whether the attack was an accident or a terror attack.

Two dead in blast in Ludhiana district court complex, several injured

Blast in Ludhiana court complex in Punjab on Thursday noon left two dead and several injured

Blast caused by a magnetic bomb attached to minivan kills 6 in Shia majority area in Kabul, ISIS-K suspected

Magnetic bomb attached to a minivan exploded in the Shia majority area of Kabul resulting in six deaths and several injured

2 reported dead in another explosion in Kabul at a residential area, Taliban claims US airstrike targeted a suicide bomber planning to hit the...

An explosion was reported in Kabul on Sunday evening. According to locals in the area, the explosion was caused by a rocket hitting house in the area.

Darbhanga: Parcel registered in the name of one Md Sufiyan explodes at railway station, investigation on

The explosion occurred at the Darbhanga Railway station near the GRP station. The parcel had come from Telangana.

Balochistan: Blast at pro-Palestine rally in town’s Murghi Bazaar kills 6

A bomb blast at a pro-Palestine rally on Friday in Balochistan, Pakistan has killed 6 and injured 14 others.

With Iranian link to bomb blast near Israel Embassy being suspected, India keeps an eye on Iran return students

Indian security agencies have been probing the recent blast near the Israel Embassy in New Delhi on January 29

Israel Embassy blast: Friday explosion was a ‘trailer’, threatening letter found from spot reveals, Iranian link suspected

A team of investigators from Israel is expected to reach New Delhi soon to assist the Indian agencies in investigation.

Blast near Israel Embassy in Delhi being investigated as attempted terrorist attack: Reports

Jindal House, outside which the blast occurred, is located at 5 APJ Abdul Kalam Road while the Israel Embassy is located at Bungalow 3.

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