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Pune Porsche case: 2 Doctors from Sasson Hospital arrested by Crime Branch for changing accused boy’s blood sample before alcohol test

Pune: 2 doctors have been arrested for manipulating accused minor's blood sample after the Porsche hit and run case

British govt apologises to its citizens as report reveals how NHS infected them with HIV, Hepatitis contaminated blood, then covered up its mistake

The infected blood scandal began in the 1970s and involved using contaminated blood products and transfusions. People suffering from haemophilia and those who underwent surgery and childbirth were the prime victims of the scandal.

Blood stains, knife, and a woman’s clothes and undergarments: What police discovered at Atiq Ahmed’s office in Prayagraj

The Prayagraj police have found blood stains and a woman's clothes, including undergarments from Atiq Ahmed's office.

CBI recovers clothes with blood-like stains from the house of Hathras rape accused, his family claims the stains to be of red paint

Family of Hathras case accused Luv Kush Sikarwar said that blood-like stain on clothes found by CBI is from red paint as his brother is a painter

AIIMS reveals Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad and his doctor Harjit Bhatti did not reveal his blood disease before donating blood

AIIMS says Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad donated blood without revealing that he has polycythemia vera, a blood disease

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