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boko haram

Nigeria: Gunmen kidnap over 280 school students days after Boko Haram terror group abducted dozens of women and children

Criminal gangs, armed to the teeth, have previously targeted educational institutions, especially in northwest Nigeria.

‘Don’t like it, don’t read it’: Delhi HC refuses to ban book by Salman Khurshid comparing Hindutva to ISIS, puts onus on govt

A Bench led by Justice Yashwant Verma directed that people always had the option to not read the book by Salman Khurshid if they do not like it.

Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad calls Salman Khurshid’s comparison of Hindutva with ISIS ‘factually wrong’: Details

Ghulam Nabi Azad is the first from Congress to respond to Salman Khurshid's remark comparing Hindutva and ISIS

Congress leader Salman Khurshid compares Hindutva to Islamic terror groups ISIS, Boko Haram in new book, complaint registered

Salman Khurshid made the contentious remarks in his book 'Sunrise over Ayodhya' which was released on Wednesday, November 10.

Islamic terrorist outfit Boko Haram claims it downed a Nigerian Air Force jet, experts remain doubtful: Details

A video was released by Boko Haram on Friday in which it claimed responsibility for the downing of a Nigerian Air Force jet.

Around 300 schoolgirls released a week after being kidnapped by an armed group in Nigeria, govt denies paying ransom

Nigeria has been witnessing an escalation in the incidents of mass kidnappings by criminal gangs seeking ransom money.

Niger witnesses deadly terrorist attack by Boko Haram jihadis, village burned, 27 people killed

Boko Haram terrorists had attacked a village in Niger a day before regional elections. They burned most of the village and killed 27 people.

Islamic terror groups like ISIS and Boko Haram using coronavirus epidemic to expand and consolidate their strength: Read details

The Islamic terror groups such as Boko Haram and ISIS have used the coronavirus pandemic opportunity to increase their control over areas and also to inflict more terror.

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