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Majid Freeman, the BBC and Guardian’s ‘good samaritan’ had claimed the 2005 London bombings were false flag ops by the Brit govt

Majid Freeman had propagated that 7/7 London Bombings were "inside job" by the British govt and Islamic terrorism was falsely blamed.

Ripudaman Singh Malik, accused in 1985 Air India bombing, ‘bumped off’ by anti-India forces to reignite Khalistan sentiments? Analysts suspect ISI role

Ripudaman Singh Malik, who was accused in the 1985 Air India Kanishka bombing case, has been shot dead in Surrey, Canada.

West Bengal: Poll-bound Murshidabad witnesses bombing incident, BJP party office too allegedly attacked by TMC goons ahead of polling

Owing to the fear that they might be obstructed or physically barred from exercising their right to vote, several women in Tentulia have decided to cast their vote early in the morning.

Muslim supporters forget and forgive Biden administration for bombings in Syria as ‘Hijabi’ woman addressed press conference at the White House

Sameera Fazili, the Deputy Director of National Economic Council in Biden admin, addressed White House press briefing in a Hijab

Joe Biden administration faces accusation of hypocrisy after the airstrike in Syria, but Biden was always a war-hawk

U.S. President Joe Biden approved military airstrikes against Iranian-backed militia groups in Syria as a retaliation for a rocket attack

Nashville explosion: The curious case of a Youtube channel that uploaded a video of the blast

Ford Fisher, the Editor of News2Share, revealed that the Nashville blast video was originally uploaded on Youtube.

Nashville explosion, the investigation and human tissue: The curious case of an RV and an automated voice message

Three people were injured in the Nashville explosion and they are now being treated at a nearby medical facility, human tissue has also been found

[Video] Sri Lanka serial blasts: As ISIS claims responsibility CCTV footage of suspect surfaces

The Sri Lankan government had yesterday stated that a domestic terror outfit the National Thowheed Jama'ath is responsible for the attacks.

Sri Lankan police chief had warned about the multiple suicide attacks 10 days prior to the attack

A total of eight massive explosions have been reported so far taking the death toll to 242. The death toll of foreigners in Sri Lanka's blast rises to 46 in which at least 16 are Indian National

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