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Who is Anant Nath: Caravan’s editor and Editor’s Guild President named in Dehadrai’s complaint against TMC’s Mahua Moitra to CBI

Caravan's editor Anant Nath allegedly accompanied Mahua Moitra on a "raid" at Shangri La Hotel in Delhi to "catch" her ex-partner who she believed was in relationship with a German national.

The Caravan paints Nuh Violence as ‘Anti-Muslim’ and blames Hindus for starting it; questions why FIRs filed only against Muslims

The Caravan liberally obfuscated hard-hitting facts about the Nuh violence that would have pinned the blame at the feet of Islamists.

Srinagar police initiate probe against Caravan Magazine’s reporter Shahid Tantray for giving targets to terrorists with his reporting

Srinagar police confirmed that a probe has been initiated against a reporter from The Caravan for his mischievous article.

After Congress toolkit specifically mentioned The Caravan, its columnist peddles old article to defame Gujarat

Columnist of the news website 'The Caravan' - Salil Tripathi - posted a three-year old news report to defame Gujarat government.

The Washington Post report claiming case against Urban Naxals is based on planted evidence does not add up, here is how

Washington Post report quoted an alleged forensic study of ‘electronic copy’ of a laptop belonging to one accused Rona Wilson

UP police lodges FIR against Shashi Tharoor, Rajdeep Sardesai and others for instigating riot in Red Fort by spreading fake news

The FIR states that fake news was circulated in a coordinated and well-planned manner that police have shot a person dead

‘We were committed to ensuring such brazen lies and fake news are called out’: Read full statement by Vivek Doval after Jairam Ramesh apologised

The letter also stated that Vivek Doval has decided to accept the apology tendered by Congress leader Jairam Ramesh

Congress leader Jairam Ramesh apologises to Vivek Doval for making false allegations based on hitjob by far-left website ‘Caravan’: Full details

The apology came after Vivek Doval had filed a defamation case against Congress leader Jairam Ramesh and Caravan Magazine.

Caravan Magazine asked us about our coverage on Wikipedia and its Left bias – Here is our detailed response

OpIndia coverage of Wikipedia lies started after Delhi Riots and Caravan Magazine, with its strong Left bias, is clearly not happy about it

Caravan India journalist spreads lies that 10 migrants have died due to hunger while going back in Shramik Express

On Tuesday, Caravan India journalist Vidya Krishnan took to Twitter to claim that 40 Shramik Express trains got lost and that the government 'forgot' to feed the passengers which led to death of at least 10 people.

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