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CPM-associated port workers federation declares support for Palestine, says it will not load or unload cargo from ships carrying weapons to Israel

It is notable here that The Water Transport Workers Federation of India is affiliated with the Centre for Indian Trade Unions, the labor wing of the Communist Party of India (Marxist).

Houthis hit US-owned cargo ship in Red Sea with missile, areas near US consulates in Erbil, Iraq bombed by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard

The attack against the Gibraltar Eagle seems to be the first time the Houthis have successfully hit a US-owned or operated ship, increasing the stakes in the Red Sea after the US pledged that further Houthi launches would be given a response.

Cargo ship with 15 Indians hijacked near Somalia coast, Navy sends missile destroyer INS Chennai to help

In response to the situation, the Indian Navy launched an Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) and diverted INS Chennai, deployed for maritime security operations, to assist the vessel.

Iran-backed Houthis share video of them hijacking cargo ship coming to India, Japan govt negotiating with Yemen rebel group to secure its release

on 19th November, as the ship was travelling from Turkey to India, it was attacked by a group of rebels from Yemen. According to the group, Israel's "heinous acts" in Gaza were the reason behind the attack.

‘Ever Forward’ vessel now stuck near Washington DC, earlier ‘Ever Given’ of the same company was stuck in Suez canal for a week: Details

Meanwhile, the Taiwan-based Evergreen Marine Corp had hired divers to inspect the vessel for possible damages and help in refloating the 'Ever Forward'.

Iran accuses the US of stealing oil in the Sea of Oman, confrontation reported

Iran accused US of trying to steal oil from Iranian ship in Sea of Oman.

China’s U-turn: A day after suspending cargo flights to India, Chinese airlines to ‘discuss’ new plan to resume services

Just a day prior, Sichuan Airlines had announced that it would suspend all cargo flights to India.

Indian crew on two ships stuck for months at Chinese ports as China does not allow them to unload cargo

China has allowed the ships of other countries to unload at its port but has kept the Indian vessels waiting.

Aviation authorities launch probe to check whether Prashant Kishor took cargo flight to Kolkata violating the lockdown

Prashant Kishor has refuted the allegations and challenged BJP to prove that he went to Kolkata on a cargo flight

Gujarat: Karachi-bound ship from China detained at Kandla port over wrongly declaring cargo that could be used for launching ballistic missiles

The ship is reportedly currently undergoing a detailed inspection at Kandla port in Gujarat.

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