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Caste discrimination

Madras High Court makes changes in judgment that said ‘Varnas can’t be blamed’, now says ‘caste categorisation is a recent phenomenon’

Madras HC erlier said, "Origins of the caste system as we know it today are less than a century old." Now, it says that Caste categorisation is a recent phenomenon.

Origins of caste system are less than a century old, can’t lay blame on ancient Varna system alone: Madras High Court

The caste system as we know it now is less than a century old, and the caste difference cannot be linked only to the ancient Varna system, stated the Madras High Court

Union Home Ministry asks states and UTs to end the “discriminatory” practice of “segregating prisoners and assigning tasks based on their caste”

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) recently advised all the states and the Union Territories (UTs) against the practice of "segregating prisoners and assigning tasks based on their caste",

Remembering Darshan Solanki on his death anniversary: How leftists weaved a ‘fairy tale’ of caste discrimination and went into hiding after Arman Iqbal was...

After Arman Iqbal's role in the unfortunate death of Darshan Solanki emerged, the leftist cabal that was lampooning on 'caste discrimination' theory went into hiding.

California Court rejects anonymity request in Cisco caste discrimination lawsuit

US court ordered to reveal identity of plaintiff in CIsco Caste Discriminate case and asked for a revised submission with the name.

For Revanth Reddy, Sonia Gandhi is ‘Mother of Telangana’, but he has ‘better DNA’ because KCR’s Kurmi caste ancestors came from Bihar

Earlier, Reddy thanked the national Congress leaders for supporting him throughout the campaign in the state and called Congress' Sonia Gandhi as 'Mother of Telangana'.

‘Kutte gaadi saaf kar’: Samajwadi Party MLA Shazil Islam booked under SC/ST Act for slapping and hurling casteist abuses at his driver

As the incident transpired in the precinct of Bareilly junction, the Government Railway Police (GRP) registered a case against the accused MLA under the provisions of the SC/ST Act and other relevant sections.

‘Activist’ who contested on AAP ticket laments about rise of Hindu temples in US, tries to bring anti-Hindu bill to stop mythical ‘caste discrimination’

Dalit Activist Deelip Mhaske found it concerning that Hindu temples are being built in the US, attempts started in New Jersey to bring anti-Hindu bill

Wasim Akram’s casteist slang ‘Cha*ar’ after loss to Afghanistan: How discrimination against lower-caste non-Muslims is ingrained in the Pakistani psyche

Wasim Akram recently used the term 'Cha*ar' during a sports show after Pakistan faced a humiliating defeat against Afghanistan.

The New York Times attacks Akshardham Mahamandir in US over unverified accusations of ‘caste discrimination’, ignores the fact that artisans were offered green cards...

The New York TImes wrote the propaganda piece, just two days after the grand Akshardham Mahamandir was made open to the public on Wednesday (18th October).

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