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Caste discrimination

Discrimination based on caste is already prohibited under law: California Governor Gavin Newsom returns Hinduphobic bill SB403, dubs it unnecessary

Hindu groups that were fighting against the passage of bill SB403 applauded the Governor's decision to use his veto and return it.

Politicians and activists spread fake news by Indian Express claiming that a Dalit ration shopkeeper is facing discrimination in Gujarat: Here are the facts

According to the media and social media, a ration shopkeeper in Gujarat was boycotted because he is a Dalit. But the reality is somewhat different.

Rajasthan: Govt school teacher hurls casteist slurs and assaults Dalit student for drinking water from staff cooler, angry mob beat up teacher

A government school teacher in Rajasthan allegedly abused and assaulted a Dalit class 7 student for drinking water from a water cooler meant for school teachers and staff

Cisco Caste Case, Sundar Iyer, dangers to Hindus in the US, discriminatory SB403 law and ‘John Doe’: False allegations fuelling Hinduphobia

How caste discrimination case against Sundar Iyer destroyed his life, who is John Doe and the endless cycle of hate unleashed by SB403

Chief of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Jan Jagrukta Manch claims govt ‘forgot’ archer Deepika Kumari because of her caste: This is the truth

Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar Jan Jagrukta Manch chief Analp Chandra copied and shared old post claiming discrimination against archer Deepika Kumari on the basis of caste.

Media gives casteist spin to an argument over cutting off a tree, tries to pit Dalits vs upper castes: Here’s the truth

Several leftist media outlets and politicians used the Etah incident to spread caste hatred by spreading fake news pitting Dalit versus upper castes.

Bill SB403 and the ‘liberal’ ecosystem: An equivalent of ‘wajib-ul-qatl’, here is the payoff that ‘liberals’ seek by masking caste an issue in the...

Indian left’s anti-Hindu hate is now programmed into mainstream Western liberal SOPs - what is has got to do with SB403

Even as probe finds no ‘caste discrimination’ angle in IIT Bombay student suicide case, media and activists are trying to whip up a frenzy:...

Darshan Solanki's death is being painted as caste discrimination citing that his 'general category' roommate had asked him about his JEE rank.

IIT-B suicide case: Internal panel rules out caste discrimination; earlier leftists had blamed casteism for his death

A student had committed suicide over securing poor marks, but leftists had spun his death as caused by caste discrimination.

Death of ‘Dalit’ 9-year-old in Jalore: State Child Rights Commission panel report busts ‘caste angle’. Read what they say happened

Days after a 9-year-old Dalit boy succumbed to his injuries in the Jalore district of Rajasthan, the State Child Rights Commission ruled out the caste angle from the case

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