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caste politics

Rohith Vemula Act, caste census, more than 50% reservation: Congress manifesto eyes to divide India further along caste lines

Despite being well aware that Rohit Vemula was not a Dalit and that his suicide had nothing to do with caste discrimination, the Congress party chose to politically exploit his untimely death in its manifesto.

Rahul Gandhi’s divisive politics on caste attracts opposition within the party, Congress leader Anand Sharma says it disrespects Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi’s legacy

“Disrespect for Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi's legacy”: Anand Sharma objects to caste census promised by Rahul Gandhi

Madras High Court makes changes in judgment that said ‘Varnas can’t be blamed’, now says ‘caste categorisation is a recent phenomenon’

Madras HC erlier said, "Origins of the caste system as we know it today are less than a century old." Now, it says that Caste categorisation is a recent phenomenon.

Origins of caste system are less than a century old, can’t lay blame on ancient Varna system alone: Madras High Court

The caste system as we know it now is less than a century old, and the caste difference cannot be linked only to the ancient Varna system, stated the Madras High Court

Politics of caste and class: How Rahul Gandhi is pushing the country into the fire through his divisive politics

Rahul Gandhi is doing divisive politics with the sole goal of getting a government bungalow in the country's most exclusive power circle, Lutyens' Delhi.

I.N.D.I. Alliance propagandist Pragya Mishra calls Brahmins and Thakurs as ‘gaddaar’ because of the SP MLAs who voted for BJP in RS election

Pragya Mishra claimed that the loss in Rajya Sabha election would benefit Samajwadi Party in the 2024 Lok Sabha poll, because the 'traitor' MLAs have been filtered out.

Gangster Chota Rajan’s daughter conducts flawed ‘caste survey’ at US university, pledges to donate money to organisation tied to George Soros

Interestingly, anyone can participate in the survey and as many times as they want using the 'incognito mode' in the web browser.

As politicians in Bihar bat for caste census, here is how caste politics took Bihar’s economy to the bottom

The recent resurgence of caste politics in Bihar raises concerns about Bihar's economic trajectory. Odisha's per capita GDP is thrice that of Bihar.

California Court rejects anonymity request in Cisco caste discrimination lawsuit

US court ordered to reveal identity of plaintiff in CIsco Caste Discriminate case and asked for a revised submission with the name.

Miscreant ate non-veg on ‘veg reserved table’, slapped with ₹10k fine for flouting mess rules: What happened at IIT-Bombay

Even though IIT-Bombay has no official food segregation policy, different seating arrangements are followed by students based on their food preferences.

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