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Chennai ‘No Muslim Staff’ case: Complaint filed against Delhi lawyer Rizwan Nizami over sharing Photoshopped image to defame the bakery

On 8 May, Nizami had tweeted an image expressing anger that a Chennai-based bakery had said it does not employ Muslim bakers.

While “No non-Muslim slaughterer” Halal is mainstream, police in Chennai arrest Jain Bakery owner for “No Muslim staffs” advertisement

Chennai police have arrested a bakery owner for cautionary information stating that it employed no Muslims to prepare food items.

Chennai: Ayurvedic Pharmacist dies after consuming the ‘cure’ he developed to battle Coronavirus

During the experiment, Sivanesan and Kumar consumed Sodium Hydrate, used in the manufacture of chemicals and soaps, and in petroleum refining. The duo hoped that the company would make huge profits if they succeeded.

15 people test Coronavirus positive after attending a prayer meeting held by a family in their own building, TOI gives it a ‘Hindu temple’...

Times of India has been a repeat offender. Despite attracting furore on social media for its transgressions, TOI refuses to refrain

Chennai: Goondas Act invoked against 14 for violent protests denying burial of a doctor who died of Coronavirus

A group of 20 frenzied individuals were arrested by the Chennai police for protesting against the burial of a coronavirus victim, who was a doctor

After 53 journalists in Mumbai, 27 employees of a Chennai-based channel test positive for coronavirus

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has agreed to get journalists in national capital who are on the field to get tested for coronavirus

Tamil Nadu: Chennai doctor who died of COVID-19 denied burial as angry mob attacks family, corporation staff amidst coronavirus fear

On Sunday, family members, friends and corporation workers became the victims of mob violence when they tried to bury the dead body of a 55-year-old neurosurgeon in Chennai

Muslims discharged from Chennai hospital make Islamic gesture popularised by ISIS while posing for photos: Here is what it means

Amidst the gloomy Coronavirus outbreak that has gripped the world and in India specifically, the spread of the virus due to Tablighi Jamaat, images of patients being released from a Chennai hospital after being treated for Coronavirus emerged

From skits to hiring artists and dressing them up as coronavirus, police officials employ innovative means to create awareness about the threat posed by...

Police officials across the country are coming with creative initiatives to educate people on the safety measures to be followed amidst coronavirus lockdown

Tamil Nadu Cop dons ‘Coronavirus helmet’ to encourage people to stay at home amidst lockdown

According to the Police personnel, the Coronavirus helmet has been useful in raising awareness.

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