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Lunar eclipse controversy in Odisha: Traditionalists clash with rationalists for eating chicken biriyani, police lathi charge to disperse miscreants

The rationalists have stated that they have been organising Biriyani feasts on eclipse days to send a message to society that the traditional beliefs and restrictions on food and cooking are not based on scientific facts but are baseless superstitions.

Warangal: TRS leader distributes free chickens & liquor ahead of ‘national party’ announcement by Telangana CM KCR tomorrow

TRS leader Rajanala Srihari gave out liquor bottles and live chickens to residents in Warangal, Telangana.

USA: FDA warns against TikTok challenge of cooking chicken in NyQuil cough syrup, says it is dangerous even if not eaten

FDA said that boiling NyQuil cough syrup make it much more concentrated and change its properties in other ways

‘BJP-RSS leaders eat everything behind doors’: TMC MP Sushmita Sen after reports that Tandoori Chicken served at opposition protest before Gandhi Statue

According to media reports, a variety of food from curd rice and idli-sambhar to tandoori chicken were served during protest by opposition in parliament

Libya hosts its first-ever beauty pageant for chickens to redirect youth’s interest away from negativity and war

Libya organised a beauty pageant for chickens in its capital Tripoli to promote professional chicken breeders

Pakistan: Imran Khan’s ‘Murghi Paal’ scheme fails, hens did not lay eggs, citizens cooked and ate them instead

The 'Murghi Paal' scheme launched by Pakistan PM Imran Khan has failed to make any impact, according to an internal report.

Communal tension as chicken biryani sold under banner of ‘Jain Shikanji’ outside temple in UP, mob attacks Jain pilgrims who objected

Six, including Sonu, Sharafat, Shahzad, Arshad, Nadeem and Naushad are booked in the case. Police is currently on the lookout for other accused.

Muslim groups in France outrage over alleged ‘Halal chicken ban’ after new guidelines for animal slaughter

For the 'Halal slaughter' of the poultry, the animal must be alive before its throat is 'expertly slit' by a Muslim butcher.

UK: 37-year-old paedophile named Rehan Baig jailed for raping chickens to death while his wife filmed it

Rhan Baig's wife had also joined him in the videos and at one point he alternated between having sex with his wife and the chickens.

Customer orders jhatka chicken, BigBasket sends parcel with both jhatka and halal labels, refunds money

BigBasket had earlier come under fire for selling discriminatory 'halal' only products. After severe backlash, BigBasket made 'jhatka' meat available on its website.

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