Topic: chief secretary assault

Next date for scrutiny of documents is scheduled for 7th December.
Jarwal and another AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan are the main accused in the Delhi Chief Secretary assault case.
The troubles are rising for Arvind Kejriwal and his associates
Words of solemn advice for Arvind Kejriwal, next to their signatures - 'End the Chutzpah'.
IAS Associations of other states have come out in support of the bureaucracy in Delhi as well.
Time will only tell, till then Delhi Suffers.
Kejriwal asks Twitter why IAS officers are on strike, Twitter users remind him exactly why
The LG's office has cited 'procedural lapses' and violation of business transaction rules
Government employees assure general public that there is no stoppage of work by them
The reason, if true, would corroborate with the version of the Chief Secretary

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