Sunday, September 26, 2021


cj werleman

Columnist with Shekhar Gupta’s ThePrint calls for sanctions, ‘regime decapitation strike’ against India

CJ Werlemen, columnist with Shekhar Gupta's ThePrint wants the UN to implement Right To Protection and invoke 'regime decapitation strike' against India.

Columnist with Shekhar Gupta’s The Print spreads fake news claiming that Hindutva radicals destroyed a Muslim graveyard

Activists, admin and police demolish illegal majar on govt land, The Print columnist claims Hindutva radicals destroyed a Muslim graveyard

The Print columnist, who is a serial fake news peddler, now spreads Taliban propaganda: Details

ThePrint columnist CJ Werleman spread Taliban propaganda after the group managed to capture Kabul.

Print Columnist CJ Werleman pushes anti-Semitic content, spreads disinformation claiming human rights violations by Israel in Palestine

CJ Werleman claimed that 40 per cent of Palestinian children in Israeli custody were raped and almost 100 per cent of them were tortured

After Twitter banned US President Donald Trump, Islamists give a call to get PM Modi removed from Twitter

Days after various social media platforms banned US President Trump from their platforms, some radical Islamists gave a call to get PM Modi banned on Twitter

Uttar Pradesh Police schools US-based anti-India propagandist on the reality of ‘peacefully protesting’ citizens

Anti-India bigot CJ Werleman accused UP Police of atrocities against Muslims during anti-CAA riots.

Shekhar Gupta’s ThePrint eulogises a serial fake news peddler and habitual anti-India, anti-Hindu bigot

While trying to portray anti-India, anti-Hindu propagandist CJ Werleman, ThePrint seems to have forgotten that he is also a fake news peddler

Reuters shares a video of textile workers losing jobs in Gujarat, scores a self goal instead

Foreign media outlets have on multiple occasions spread half truths about India.

Kasganj Police busts lie of anti-India propagandist

Kasganj Police clarified that personnel accompanying them are special ops staff, not Hindu extremists as claimed by C J Werleman

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