Wednesday, January 19, 2022



‘Women who go out after 9 pm are prostitutes, they deserve to be raped’: Kerala’s Islamic cleric Swalih Bathery

In the controversial video, Salih reportedly justified rapist Govindachamy who had raped and killed a girl in 2011.

Centre of learning or hub of sexual crimes? Exposing the dark side of religious institutions in Pakistan

Children sent to study come back with scars of sexual abuse and physical violence. Pakistan a UN Human Rights Council Member puts to shame the organization established to promote and protect Human Rights globally

Saudi Arabia sacks 100 Islamic clerics for not condemning Islamic terror organisation ‘Muslim Brotherhood’

Saudi Arabia has sacked nearly 100 Islamic imams and preachers for failing to condemn activities of 'Muslim Brotherhood'.

Islamic clerics say Tanishq ad is far from reality as the depiction of Muslim families celebrating polytheist practices is not allowed in Islam

Islamic clerics say that Muslim families are not allowed to practice Hindu customs as depicted by the controversial Tanishq advertisement

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