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US: Colorado Supreme Court declares Donald Trump ‘ineligible’ for White House, ruling Judges were appointed by Democratic Governors

The Colorado Supreme Court overturned a judgment by a district court Judge who ruled that Donald Trump could not be barred from the Presidential primary ballot.

Willam Whitworth, a man who claims to identify as a woman, arrested for planning a mass shooting at Colorado Middle School: Details

A former student of Colorado Springs Timberview Middle School, a biological man who 'identifies' himself as a woman was arrested by the police for plotting a large-scale shooting at the school.

Club Q shooter claims he is ‘non-binary’, Wokes who claimed gender identity must be respected and trusted, start to doubt his identity

Primary suspect in Colorado Springs nightclub (Club Q) shooting, Anderson Lee Aldrich, submitted before court that he was non-binary

Boulder shooting: ‘Gunman’ Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa became ‘anti-social’ as he was mocked for being Muslim, brother claims

His brother claimed that Alissa may have become 'anti-social' after his high school bullies 'made fun of his name' and for 'being a Muslim'.

US: Boulder shooter identified as 21-year-old Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, had killed 10 people in mass shooting

United States Vice President Kamala Harris' niece Meena Harris had earlier blamed a 'white man' for the terror attack.

Sorry Rahul Gandhi, the various claims about your whereabouts don’t add up

Rahul Gandhi is missing and his alibi doesn't seem to hold ground

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