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Wealth redistribution: Rahul Gandhi wants to make India the lab rat for an idea that has already failed all over the world

Rahul Gandhi in a public meeting said that if Congress comes to power would conduct a financial and institutional survey to ascertain who had wealth in the country. He said the grand old party would then bring policy for wealth redistribution to the backward castes and 'minorities' based on their population, based on caste census data.

‘Indian Communists are Chinese nationalists’: Netizens slam CPI(M) for eulogising Chinese mass murderer Mao Zedong

CPI(M) recently uploaded a post, hailing Chinese mass murderer Mao Zedong as a leader who brought about 'democratic revolution' in China.

As ‘Love Jihad’ and Islamist violence rages on in Kerala, Samastha Islamic cleric blames Communist cadre for helping Muslim women marry Hindu men

Nasar Faizy Koodathai warned the Muslim community to 'beware' of such incidents and said that the community should remain vigilant about the CPM’s 'tactics with the label of secularism'.

CPI (M) leader Brinda Karat and her sidekick asked to get off the stage by wrestler Bajrang Punia and others even as they argue...

"Madam, I request you to please come down. Please don't politicise the protest. This is wrestler's protest. Please get down from the stage," Punia said to the CPI (M) leader.

Kavita Krishnan tweets about socialist regimes being autocratic, removed from primary membership by CPI(ML) after differences of opinion

CPI(ML) Liberation’s Polit Bureau member and a Central Committee member for more than two decades Kavita Krishnan has been relieved of all posts she held in the party

Communist governments want to take over temples because of the revenue: Retd. Justice Indu Malhotra on Padmanabhaswamy temple verdict

In July 2020, the Supreme Court had ruled against the Kerala government’s attempt to bring the world's richest Hindu temple under its control.

Kerala: ED raids on accused persons in the 312 crore fraud case at CPM-controlled Karuvannur Cooperative Bank

As per reports, a 75-member team of ED has been ordered to raid the houses of the bank president, secretary and other accused persons.

Brinda Karat moves SC against anti-encroachment drive: Here’s why MCD may not be obligated to stop action on media reports

Brinda Karat has filed a petition in the Supreme Court urging the court to cancel the anti-encroachment drive in Jahangirpuri

North Korea: Kim Jong Un bans laughing, drinking, shopping for 11 days on death anniversary of his father Kim Jong Il, people not looking...

The 11 days restrictions in North Korea come into force from December 17 to mark the 10th death anniversary of former ruler Kim Jong Il

Kerala govt imposes restrictions on Hindus ahead of Onam a week after relaxations on ‘super spreader’ Eid

Kerala Health Minister Veena George has asked Hindus to avoid crowds, events, celebrations and visits to relatives and friends ahead of Onam, citing Covid-19.

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