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Financial crisis grips Kerala as the state fails to get loans, Pinarayi Vijayan govt considers deferring salaries of govt employees

The union govt is delaying permission to borrow more money to Kerala considering there are issues in the statements of previous years

Standing on top of 28,000 dead bodies in Bengal, Brinda Karat objects to a bulldozer

Communist leader Brinda Karat hitting the streets in Jahangirpuri instead of being at 5-star hotel lobbies was most unprecedent

Brinda Karat moves SC against anti-encroachment drive: Here’s why MCD may not be obligated to stop action on media reports

Brinda Karat has filed a petition in the Supreme Court urging the court to cancel the anti-encroachment drive in Jahangirpuri

Kerala: P Sasi, once accused of sexual misconduct by own party member, appointed as Pinarayi Vijayan’s political secretary

Sasi, known to be a close confidant of Pinarayi Vijayan, will act as the link between the party and the chief minister for a second stint, as per reports.

Kerala: Muslim DYFI leader’s marriage with Christian woman sparks ‘love jihad’ row, CPM leader says party may take action

The CPI(M) unit of Kerala's Kozhikode is considering action against party leader and DYFI Kannoth region secretary Shejin after he married a Christian lady, as per reports.

Kerala: Communists intimidate journalist who questioned assault on an auto driver by CPI (M) goons during ‘Bharat bandh’, here is what we know so...

According to advocate A Jayashankar, John was being made a scapegoat by the Communist regime to compensate for the flop show on Bharat Bandh.

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor not to attend national seminar of CPI-M on the orders of party chief Sonia Gandhi

Shashi Tharoor takes a U-turn, declines to attend CPI-M seminar on the orders of Congress president Sonia Gandhi

My Lai massacre: Over 500 innocent villagers, including women and children, were slaughtered by US troops on March 16, 1968

In a gruesome violence against innocent Vietnamese villagers perpetrated by US troops. 182 women, 173 children and a total of 504 people were killed in the village of My Lai on March 16, 1968.

Communist govt in Kerala wants to take away the power of Lokayukta, opposition parties urge Governor to not sign ordinance

The Pinarayi Vijayan Govt. aims to amend the Lokayukta Act at a time when many complaints have been filed against the CM and ministers with the anti-corruption body.

Bulli Bai creator Niraj Bishnoi belongs to a family of Congress supporters, media misinformation leads villagers to believe he bought and sold women

The father of Bulli Bai app creator Niraj Bishnoi said that while the family is Congress supporter, his son's political views are different

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