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While Congress demands guarantee that BJP will not change the constitution, its own manifesto promises at least 6 major changes to the constitution

In the manifesto Nyay Patra, Congress party has promised to made several changes to the constitution, on the same day the party demanded guarantee from PM of not changing the constitution

Rohith Vemula Act, caste census, more than 50% reservation: Congress manifesto eyes to divide India further along caste lines

Despite being well aware that Rohit Vemula was not a Dalit and that his suicide had nothing to do with caste discrimination, the Congress party chose to politically exploit his untimely death in its manifesto.

After promising Old Pension Scheme before assembly polls, Congress ignores it in Lok Sabha election manifesto, says ‘it’s in our minds’

After strongly campaigning for reverting to Old Pension Scheme (OPS) in assembly elections, Congress party made no mention of OPS in its manifesto

Congress party promises to slow down India’s GDP growth in its manifesto Nyay Patra

GDP will more than double in the next 6 years, but the Congress party is promising to achieve the same feat in 10 years.

Sharia-compliant manifesto? Congress bends to AIMPLB, hints at repealing triple talaq law and enforcing communal violence bill

The Congress promised to appoint more judges, belonging to the Muslim community, to the High Courts and the Supreme Court.

Congress dedicates a section in their manifesto about how they will ‘fix’ the media: Are they trying to ensure cases like the Chinese-funded Newsclick...

Congress has said that it will ‘protect’ journalists from coercive action by the State in its bid to ‘defend’ journalistic freedom. “This includes restricting the powers of the government for surveillance of journalists, seizure of their devices and exposure of their sources,” the manifesto reads.

Congress promises to introduce reservation in Judiciary, says it will appoint more women, SCs, STs, OBCs and minorities as judges in HCs and SC

Congress manifesto promises, "More women and persons belonging to the SC, ST, OBC and minorities will be appointed as judges of the High Courts and the Supreme Court,"

All freebies, zero wealth creation: How Congress party’s 5 Nyay ‘manifesto’ reads like a toolkit to bankrupt India

In an attempt to present a new edition of the freebies it offered in Karnataka's assembly elections in 2023, the Congress party has ended up envisioning a 'manifesto' to bankrupt India.

After promising Muslim appeasement in Telangana, Congress announces reservation for ‘minorities’ in Rajasthan election manifesto

Under the section of 'Minority Welfare', the manifesto read, "After caste census, we will undertake to provide reservation as per their population."

Karnataka: Paan shop owner writes social media post criticising Congress’ ‘Shakti’ scheme, booked for ‘inciting hate’ in society

Yamanappa Mageri, a paan shop owner was booked over a post about the 'Shakti' scheme implemented by the Congress government in Karnataka for women

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