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Delhi anti-Hindu riot: Prashant Bhushan hosted the earliest conspiracy meeting with Umar Khalid, Sharjeel Imam and Yogendra Yadav in attendance. Read details

Prashant Bhushan hosted a meeting on 8th December 2019 - a meeting in which Delhi anti-Hindu Riots conspiracy was hatched

Parliament intruder Sagar Sharma’s mother and sister allege he has been framed, demand fair probe

Mother and sister of parliament intruder Sagar Sharma has appealed to PM Narendra Modi for a fair investigation claiming Sagar is innocent and has been framed in the conspiracy.

Mahua Moitra asked questions against Adani to favour Hiranandani after getting bribes, says advocate: Here is a list of what she asked and the...

Mahua Moitra asked at least 21 questions that directly or indirectly favoured Hiranandani

Kanjhawala death case: Victim Anjali’s mother refutes claims of victim’s ‘friend’, says Nidhi might be involved in a well thought-out conspiracy

After Nidhi blamed Anjali for Anjali's horrific death in Kanjhawala, the victim's mother says Nidhi might be involved in a conspiracy

Ghaziabad gang rape case was fake, the woman along with Azad, Gaurav and Afzal tried to frame 5 men due to property dispute: Reveal...

Ghaziabad police reveal that a woman had colluded with 3 men to frame 5 men in a fake gang rape case

SP leaders, local Muslims, conspired to takeover a Krishna Temple land in Mathura 15 years ago, turned it into graveyard during COVID: Details

Muslims of Shahpur village manipulated land records to take over Bihari Ji temple, FIR registered against SP leaders, locals of Muslim community

‘Target railways’ toolkit activated: Congress workers stop train while protesting against Rahul Gandhi’s ED questioning and Agnipath Scheme

Indian Youth Congress has shared the video of the ruckus they created at Delhi's busy Shivaji Bridge railway station.

Agnipath Scheme: How the violence and riots against the recruitment scheme could be a pre-planned conspiracy

Violent protests against the Agnipath scheme across the country could be part of a pre-planned conspiracy

Audio messages reveal a complex pre-planned strategy was hatched to foment violence at the Secundrabad railway station over Agnipath Scheme: Report

Several audio messages have surfaced revealing that the violent protest against the central government's Agnipath Recruitment Scheme at Secundrabad railway station was not spontaneous but pre-planned.

Whatsapp chats reveal a plot to stoke violence in Kanpur over Agnipath scheme, UP Police to probe ‘larger conspiracy’ angle: Report

A Times Now report shed light on a Whatsapp group whose participants planned to burn down a police station in Kanpur

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