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The 103rd Constitution amendment exceeds the 50% ceiling on reservation upheld by the Apex Court in previous judgements and increases it to 60%.
Sharad Pawar has shown quite a departure from his earlier statement on amending the Constitution for reservations
Congress leaders have often indulged in name-calling and making derogatory remarks for PM Modi
Out of 124 cases of imposition of President's rule and sacking of democratically elected Governments in the state, 87 are by Congress Government
Till Article 351 exists in Constitution of India, Government of India is dutybound to promote Hindi
Shashi Tharoor's book 'Why I am a Hindu' also shows how little knowledge he has on Hinduism.
As Paris became worth a mass to Henry IV, so have Dongri and Null Bazaar become worth a mass to Jinnah
The next time Rahul Gandhi comes talking about Freedom of speech, do try to educate him about his history because media won't
Pranab Mukherjee's idea of Constitutional Patriotism is good, but, we need to fix some contradictions if that idea has to sustain
Congress has a marred past of subverting democratic mandates.
Congress-JD(S) files a petition against Governor's constitutional power.
The Apex Court is going to hear a PIL on scrapping of 35A on August 16.
Aligarh Muslim University needs to get it. ‘Being Muslim’ isn’t enough. You have to be constitutional as well.
'The MPs have denigrated the institution of the CJI' wrote the Vice President
Special benefits for minorities are against secular ethos that our country claims to profess
You can't gain the goodwill and admiration of the 'Breaking India' anti-Modi brigade with reasonable and polite demands of Hindus.
The need of the hour is to correct the mistakes of 'secularists' in Indian politics for a brighter future for India
Shashi Tharoor clearly needs a lesson in History
Such demand has come from some ‘liberal’ Hindus and radical Muslims like Asaduddin Owaisi
The Government doesn't lose its powers based on the whims of the 'liberals'
How the Idea of India has evolved and the sorry state that it is in today
Both Tharoor and Shekhar Gupta have been often annoying with half truths
It is time one stops eulogizing Jawaharlal Nehru as some apostle of freedom of speech
A brief look at the history of the case, and the major arguments made in the Supreme Court by both sides.
BJD MP Tathagata Satpathy, while trying to raise issue of language, exposed his uninformed and elitist mindset.
After 10 years as Vice President, Hamid Ansari felt unsafe as a Muslim. I need to share my concerns too.
Emergency of 1975 was not a one time mistake. It was was culmination of a long term project by the Congress party.

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