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Admiral DK Joshi had given an exclusive interview to NDVT, but that was soon deleted by the media company.
Indian women's cricket team is going through a controversy that is not going to do any good to the game or the players.
Hamid Ansari referred to Sardar Patel's speech delivered in Delhi, four days prior to India's Independence
AAP is yet to answer questions regarding its earlier donation collection.
Navin Jaihind is the Aam Aadmi Party chief in Haryana
The Japanese tennis player was apologising to the crowd for winning and playing a great match.
Why should India’s principal opposition party meet envoys from Pakistan and China at all?
A tweet by the author-filmmaker resulted in left-leaning accounts trending hashtag #MeTooUrbanNaxal on Twitter.
Not the first time Congress politicians have made controversial remarks, without any remorse.
The controversial cop, since his dismissal from the service has shown his bigotry and anti-India agenda on social media platforms
Netizens have complained about being subjected to Islamic propaganda online.
Earlier, another Congress leader had to resign over a sex video scandal.
The grand old party of India, Congress, was also reportedly one of its clients.
Episode 2 of On Point with Nupur Sharma where Minister Smriti Irani clears the air
While responding to a story by broken by, Kapil Sibal accepted to have acquired Grande Castello.
The French President's comments should put the controversy to rest.
The Minister of technical education in Punjab has courted controversy
Even though a ‘Dalit’ A Raja was acquitted recently, Yadav and Gupta tried to play caste card.
Whom does a person marry is indeed a question of free will, but this is not about freedom to choose a partner.
As per a rule that came into effect two years ago, a non-Hindu visitor has to take special permission before entering the temple.
Earlier various users had expressed anger over a govt agency partnering with a controversial news channel.
Not for the first time Twitter users have expressed anger over govt partnering with the controversial news channel.
The former NDTV journalist said this while interacting with students at TISS, Mumbai.
He claims the volatile state may be at risk by introduction of pigs in zoo.
The video tried to create a negative perception
The pamphlets printed in the name of an AAP minister was allegedly distributed ahead of the Bawana by-polls.
BJD MP Tathagata Satpathy, while trying to raise issue of language, exposed his uninformed and elitist mindset.
The canteens were inaugurated by Rahul Gandhi in Bengaluru earlier this week, and now it runs into troubles.

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