Thursday, February 25, 2021



Serum Institute of India asks other countries to be patient with coronavirus vaccines as it prioritises Indian needs

Pune-based SII has been producing hundreds of millions of doses for AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccines.

Allah knew in 2011 that COVID will come in 2020, that is why graveyards were made before that: Watch bizarre viral video of Dr...

In the undated viral video, Dr Jitendra Awhad said the government had built the graveyard in time to accommodate COVID-19 casualties

‘Will the BJP take responsibility’, asks Shiv Sena as it looks to shift blame, hits out at BJP for rising Coronavirus cases in Maharashtra

Instead of owning up to its administrative failure, Shiv Sena has alleged that BJP needs to take the blame for rising Coronavirus cases in Maharashtra

Maharashtra: Coronavirus cases see a sharp rise, govt warns of another lockdown

On every day of the second week of February, Maharashtra reported more than 3,000 coronavirus cases, something it had not reported in at least a month.

Congress supporter Saket Gokhale cries victim after BEL filed a Rs 1 crore defamation suit against him for spreading lies

Gokhale had alleged a Rs 750 core scam in the PM-CARES fund claiming that the Prime Minister and the BJP had stolen the money.

Global media mocked India even as ‘Cuomosexual liberals’ undercounted thousands of Covid deaths under the nose of New York Times

While Trevor Noah criticises India, it would be pertinent to note that Trevor is a self-confessed “Cuomosexual - Here is what that means

After UK bans Chinese state media, China retaliates by banning BBC for violating ‘true and impartial’ reporting guidelines

It is unclear how the ban would affect the BBC as it is not allowed to broadcast in mainland China or into Chinese homes.

PM Modi speaks about the ‘New World Order’ and India’s role in it: Here is what it means, its history and significance

PM Narendra Modi highlighted the need for India to be self-sufficient in order to thrive in the post-COVID New World Order.

Chinese expert and WHO claim Chinese coronavirus did not originate in China

A fact-finding team of WHO and Chinese experts to determine the origins of the coronavirus said there was insufficient evidence to suggest COVID-19 was being spread in China's Wuhan before December 2019

China claims it has nothing to hide on coronavirus but made two crucial virus databases inaccessible in Sept 2019. Here is what we know

Irrespective of the claims by China that is has nothing to hide, the dragon has been actively covering-up crucial information about origins of Covid-19

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