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The Tashkent Files has been well received by the audience, however, the 'liberal' ecosystem is not too happy with it.
This initiation of ‘Samvad’ by RSS with the civil society, political and social organisations has shed many myths about RSS
While our best film-makers remain busy filming eulogies for convicted criminals, the Indian right-wing awaits its own Clint Eastwood
It is fairly common these days for “mainstream” media outfits, especially Congress-leaning ones like India Today, to subject social media users to pejorative labeling. I offer proof once again that most of such malicious “journalism” is a product of journalistic mediocrity, which is endemic in India. In fact, what I am going to narrate to you is a first-hand experience of the infamous Indian journalistic non-application of the mind. India Today TV did a story on its favorite bugbear, the “troll”. The general plot of such stories is by now firmly established and is as formula-driven as are Bollywood movies:...
It is time one stops eulogizing Jawaharlal Nehru as some apostle of freedom of speech
CBI, IT, or police raids are common part of investigations. Why hue and cry when media is investigated?
The actor had raised questions over Kejriwal's inaction against the corrupt and his style of functioning
The unreadable piece contained the same old lazy South Indian references frequently used to mock the region.
Not a review, but a discussion on the controversial movie that leftists have been hating.

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