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dead bodies

Rajasthan: Miscreants drag two Sadhus from an Ashram, kill them and dump the bodies near Haryana border, ₹15 lakh and a car owned by...

Rajasthan police have identified the bodies two sadhus found near Haryana border, and revealed that they were dragged from an ashram before beaten to death

Rajasthan: Dead bodies of live-in couple Surendra and Razia Begum found in a locked flat in Jaipur, suspected of died due to suffocation

Around 10 days old dead bodies of a young man and woman living in a live-in relationship were found in a flat in Jaipur's Shivdaspura area

German-Israeli woman, who was paraded naked by Hamas terrorists during 7th October attack, confirmed dead

A video of a German-Israeli woman, later identified as Shani Louk, being paraded naked during 7th October Hamas attack has been confirmed dead

South Korea: Nine bodies recovered from flooded tunnel as death toll reaches 35

Rescuers working to reach cars trapped in a flooded tunnel near the city of Cheongju have found nine bodies.

Pakistan: Hundreds of human corpses found abandoned, decomposing at the Nishtar Hospital in Multan, probe ordered

A six-member committee is formed to probe the incident in Multan in which hundreds of dead bodies were found abandoned in the premises of the Nishtar Hospital.

Bodies reappear in Ganga, proving that last year’s media claims of bodies in the river due to unaccounted Covid deaths were wrong

There is a sharp decline in Covid-19 cases this year, still there are dead bodies seen in Ganga and on its banks

Old habits die hard: Pakistan refuses to take back the body of intruder killed by Army along LOC while trying to infiltrate into India

Pakistan, following its old line of disowning and refusing to take back its own people, has once again refused to take back its slain terrorist's body after BSF neutralised the intruder in Jammu's Arnia town

No trace of coronavirus found in Ganga samples collected during the second wave of COVID-19 outbreak: Report

Of a total of 132 Ganga water samples analysed, none of the them was found positive for the presence of SARS CoV-2 virus

Allahabad HC dismisses petition seeking directions to UP govt to cremate dead bodies buried on banks of Ganga

Noting that there are traditions, customs, and people from various communities reside on the banks of Ganga, the Court asked the petitioner to show the court the contribution he made in this cause before passing any order and asked if he had dug out and cremated bodies himself.

When Paris was overwhelmed with decomposed human corpses and ran out of burial places: The story of the Catacombs

The Catacombs of Paris are the image of a scary world of the dead beneath the city of lights. Six to seven million human skeletons are stored there, stacked up in underground tunnels.

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