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Jharkhand: Hindu girl Ankita dies after being set ablaze by neighbour Shahrukh Hussain for refusing his advances

Ankita being treated at a hospital in Jharkhand after Shahrukh Hussain poured petrol on her and set her ablaze.

Facebook declares Taslima Nasreen dead twice in two days, memorialised her account due to targeted cyber-attack

Taslima Nasreen was labeled "dead" by Facebook for the second time in two days, in what appears to be a concerted cyberattack.

Uttar Pradesh: Man found alive in mortuary after 7 hours slips into coma, family prays for recovery

A man in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh was found alive after he was kept in the mortuary for over seven hours.

Kim Jong Un, ‘The Undertaker’ of North Korea, is dead, claims an expert

Earlier too, reports of the death of Kim Jong Un were doing the rounds on the Internet, which were proven wrong later.

Delhi Police Crime Branch cop found dead under mysterious circumstances, reports say he was investigating Delhi riots

On Saturday, a Delhi Police Inspector, who was working with the Special Cell, was found dead under mysterious circumstances in his car on Rampura main road in Keshav Puram in the national capital.

Kerala: 21-year old girl studying to become nun in a convent mysteriously found dead in a well

A girl who was studying to become a nun was suspiciously found dead in a well in the compound of Paliakkara Beselian Convent in Kerala

Chinese man’s death by Hantavirus causes furore. Here is all you need to know

Even as the world is struggling to curb the spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus, the Hantavirus has surfaced in China.

Uttar Pradesh: Christian family keeps dead daughter’s body for days, believing bible and prayers will ‘bring her back’

The villagers had reportedly convinced the family to keep the body of the girl in a house and read the bible, claiming that it will bring back their daughter.

Uttar Pradesh: Elderly man going around government offices to prove himself ‘alive’

In his desperation to get justice, he has been reported to be roaming around holding a placard which read 'Saheb mein zinda hoon'.

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