Topic: discrimination

Gulab Singh was reportedly forcibly evicted from his house with his family
As Paris became worth a mass to Henry IV, so have Dongri and Null Bazaar become worth a mass to Jinnah
The discrimination includes not giving the 'Dalit Christians' a priest status
Police investigations reveal the 11 year old girl had lied about being attacked.
The left-wing virtue signalling activists are noting but intolerant bunch of authoritarian maniacs.
Residents take it upon themselves to ensure you remain sanskari and safe.
Marginalized and poor minority groups in Muslim majority countries appear to have no other choice but to convert.
We have come to a point where talking about equal rights to Hindus is seen as 'communalism'.
Selective reporting of a particular portion of a statement to give it a communal tone.
Power which a section of media has enjoyed in India can be compared to the privileges availed by the upper castes.

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