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‘If you have even a drop of Rajput blood within, show those documents’: Prince Yakub Habeebuddin Tucy challenges BJP MP Diya Kumari

Prince Yakub Habeebuddin Tucy said, "My message to the nation is the same as the message given by Modi Ji. Don't pay any attention to what these blabberers are saying."

Diya emoji makes to ‘most popular emojis’ list worldwide, thanks to Diwali

According to the website, Diya, Sparkle, and Om are the most popular emojis on Diwali. Other relevant emojis for the festival include Hindu Temple, Pray, Fireworks, Sari, Indian Flag and more.

PM Modi challenges Yogi Adityanath, asks PMAY beneficiaries to light 18 lakh diyas and surpass Ayodhya’s record

PM Modi said, "About 7.5 lakh diyas will be lit in Ayodhya. But, 18 lakh diyas will be lit in the houses of my poor brothers and sisters."

Ahead of Diwali, demand for made in India earthen diyas go up as customers give Chinese products the boot

PM Modi’s call for Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan in which he asked the citizens of India to become “Vocal for Local” products is playing an essential role in increasing local production of different products and services. S

A silent Diwali…

Autonomy does not take long to turn into a dictatorship.

Bigoted user mocked for display of Hinduphobia on Twitter

Twitter users were not happy with the obnoxious Hinduphobia.

‘Ye Diwali Jawano Ke Naam’ – a social media campaign

A novel campaign to pay tribute to our soldiers

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