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All the suspected 'Modi-haters' began spreading lies and misrepresentations surrounding the Bill soon after it was announced.
Women have been coming out and sharing their harassment stories
She had stated that she prefers to invite Dalits to her home to dine with her because Dalit visiting our homes will purify us
Far from criticising Modi, the  draft report by  World Bank criticises the jobs data of Manmohan Singh led UPA itself.
While DNA has backtracked, others have picked up from where DNA left
It appears to be a classic case of factual misreporting
'cheap journalism', 'sue them' were some of the reactions
Lost in Translation or deliberate mischief?
Nitish Kumar will resort to the usual victimhood game now. He will try to shore up support of Biharis, lying to them that PM Modi has insulted all of Bihar.
Indian Media maintains a good strike-rate at propagating lies

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