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Politicians, journalists and economists use jobs data of UPA regime to spread false propaganda about Modi regime

In yet another gaffe, so-called ‘journalists’, ‘economists’ and politicians used the data presented in a draft report of the World Bank titled ‘Systematic Country Diagnostic (SCD) for India’, adding that in India regular jobs are “urgent priority” to malign the Modi government. According to data, between 2005 and 2012, over 13 million population entered the working age, while only 3 million jobs were created.

Compare this with the approximately 7 million jobs generated in a single fiscal year (2017-18) found out by a study conducted by IIM professor and an SBI economist. We had reported in detail about this study earlier.

Livemint uses jobs data of 2013, anti- Modi brigade scores a self-goal by using this info

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Critics of Modi and his performance on jobs front used a data of the UPA era to criticise the current government. The graph used in the Livemint article on salaried employment clearly says that the data is taken from the report ‘World development indicators 2013’. How can the data that is 5 years old be used to criticise Modi in 2018?

Prominent journalists, politicians and ‘economists’ used this graph to criticise Modi.

Rupa Subramanya used this UPA era data to take a dig at the Prime Minister by saying that the World Bank is not into ‘Pakoranomics’, which is a term used by the opposition to hit out at Modi’s economic policies.

The graph was also used by the newest liberal darling and media created “youth icon” :

TMC leader Derek O’ Brien and Congress MP Rajeev Satav also proceeded to malign the Modi government based on data that was an indictment of the Congress government.

The DNA report on the topic shot in its own foot by trying to bring in ‘Pakoda’ comment of the PM into the debate while reporting jobs figures of UPA regime in its article, which is incidentally, exactly what Ms Rupa Subramanya did.

Far from criticising Modi, the draft report by World Bank criticises the jobs data of Manmohan Singh led UPA itself. The anti- Modi brigade must stop using UPA’s job record to further its anti ‘pakodanomics’ rhetoric. In fact, Modi government has done better than UPA in terms of salaried jobs as per the IIM study. Perhaps it would serve the anti-Modi brigade well, if they stopped embarrassing themselves repeatedly and sacrifice their own credibility, in a bid to mock the Prime Minister.

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