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Dr Jitendra Singh

The number of disability categories for reservation increased from 3 to 5, around 15,000 vacant jobs for Divyangs filled: Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh

The reservation quota for Divyangs has been increased from 3 to 4 percent in Central Government Services and 5 percent in Education for them.

Centre earns Rs 500 crore from office scrap disposal during cleanliness campaign 3 in October: Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh

The centre collected Rs 500 crore by disposing of office scrap during the recently concluded cleanliness drive.

‘Number of startups in the country increased 300 times in the 9 years of the Modi government’: Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh

Dr Jitendra Singh said, "The startup movement promoted by Modi is now reaching every part of the country."

Fact Check: The Telegraph misquotes the Centre as saying there is no conclusive evidence of Ram Setu

The Telegraph misquoted Dr Jitendra Singh to claim that the Centre has denied the existence of Ram Setu.

India to develop Small Modular Reactors with up to 300 MW capacity for Clean Energy Transition: Union Minister Jitendra Singh

Union minister Dr Jitendra Singh said that the govt is taking steps to develop Small Modular Reactors (SMR) to produce clean energy

“Vendetta politics exceeding all limits”: MoS PMO Dr Jitendra Singh condemns Mumbai Police assault on Arnab Goswami

Since the Mumbai police have feloniously arrested Arnab Goswami, support has been pouring in for him from all quarters.

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