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Electoral politics

Espionage, electoral interference, and disinformation campaign against Conservatives: Here is how China is undermining Canada’s sovereignty

“The Chinese Communist using all elements of state power to carry out activities that are a direct threat to our national security and sovereignty," CSIS told Global News.

Farmer protest, ‘Rajneetik Dhokhadhadi’ of Congress, critics: 7 takeaways from PM Modi’s interview as he completes 20 years in public service

On the occasion of completion of 20 years in electoral politics, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave an interview Open magazine.

‘I don’t think everyone should be allowed to vote, somewhere dictatorship is the right away’: Popular Telugu actor Vijay Deverakonda

Popular Telugu actor Vijay Deverakonda made some controversial comments on politics and elections during an interview.

Exit Polls and their methodology have too many flaws to ignore: Is this exercise turning out to be a complete farce?

Owing to the absence of a scientific methodology, exit polls are turning out to be as reliable as forecasts from the meteorological department.

Goa AAP leader demands Church should ‘openly groom and support’ political candidates

This raises many ethical questions and is clearly a violation of SC guidelines

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