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Telangana CM Revanth Reddy, who won election on the same EVMs 6 months ago, insinuates EVMs are conspiring to stop Rahul Gandhi from becoming...

Speaking to ANI, Revanth Reddy, the Congress leader and Telangana CM insinuated that Rahul Gandhi should be the PM of India for the next 20 years. However, he even made contradictory claims, saying that he has been told by BJP leaders that EVMs favour only Modi, and not Congress.

Election Commission dismisses fake news shared by Prashant Bhushan in Supreme Court that EVMs are recording extra vote for BJP in mock polls

Prashant Bhushan, representing NGO 'Association for Democratic Reforms', cited a report on mock poll results of Kerala to cast aspersions on EVMs.

CNBC misattributes ‘go back to paper ballots or hand VVPAT slips’ remark to SC: Read what top court said about returning to paper ballots

Contrary to the CNBC report’s claim, it was not Justice Khanna but advocate Prashant Bhushan who spoke in favour of returning to paper ballots.

“We know what happened when there were ballot papers, we haven’t forgotten,” Supreme Court says to Prashant Bhushan’s plea seeking return of ballot...

The apex court rejected the arguments of Bhushan, appearing for the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), about how most European countries that had opted for voting through EVMs have returned to paper ballots.

Bloomberg reinvents the ‘EVM hack’ bogey, peddles Andy Mukherjee’s unhinged nonsense without a shred of evidence

Andy Mukherjee has written an opinion piece in Bloomberg asserting that the electronic voting machines (EVMs) which have been used in elections since 2004 are “rightly” the next port of call for judicial scrutiny.

Days after defending PM Narendra Modi on EVM issue, Ajit Anjum says that Modi doubted EVMs before 2014

Ajit Anjum has now said that PM Modi had doubted the EVMs in the past. On 3rd January, Ajit Anjum shared a fact check that showed how such allegations against Modi are false.

Digvijaya Singh, who has failed in his attempts to become Madhya Pradesh CM since 2003, says he lost faith in EVMs after 2003

Congress leader Digvijaya Singh once again cries EVM hacking. Says he lost faith in EVMs after 2003, the year he was ousted as Madhya Pradesh CM.

Karnataka: Congress, which blamed EVMs even before counting, forgets its own allegations soon after favourable results

Congress wrote a letter to the Election Commission. In his letter, the party had expressed concern about the EVMs used in South Africa which they claimed were also used in the Karnataka assembly elections.

EC raps Congress for claiming EVMs from South Africa are being used in Karnataka polls: Read about Congress’ blatant lies and EC’s counter

EC rejected the baseless claims made by the Congress party about EVMs being deployed in South Africa and then used for Karnataka polls without re-validation and re-verification.

As the 2024 general elections draw closer, opposition parties start whining about EVMs preemptively

The opposition parties have concerns regarding election commission's plans to use Remote EVMs to allow voting for migrant voters

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