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Islamist fear wins: Indian news channels start removing content that can offend Muslims, show on ‘ex Muslims’ goes missing

Nupur Sharma's comment and the subsequent outrage by the Islamic community, which led to calls for beheading and gang rape, has opened Pandora's box.

What happens when a Muslim becomes an apostate and renounces Islam? This is what the Islamic scriptures say

Islamic scholar Assim al Hakeem remarked, "Is killing others (for apostasy) justifiable? If you are a Muslim, then, you say yes."

Kerala: ExMuslims outfit declares 9 January as ExMuslim day, assure protection to Muslims who quit Islam

To protect the basic rights and dignity of the people who quit Islam, the ExMuslims of Kerala have decided to celebrate January 9 as Kerala ExMuslim Day every year.

‘He has a right to voice opinions’: Ex-Muslim Aneesh gets bail, was arrested in Tamil Nadu for ‘insulting Islam and Prophet Muhammad’

Aneesh Jasy, a popular ‘rationalist’ among atheist groups in Tamil Nadu was arrested on December 29 by Tamil Nadu police for posting alleged 'anti-Islamic posts' on Facebook.

Malayalam director Ali Akbar converts to Hinduism and becomes ‘Ramasimhan’, had quit Islam a month ago: Read details

After quitting Islam, Malayalam Director Ali Akbar has now reconverted to Hinduism and will be known as Ramasimhan

Ex-Muslim Aneesh Jasy arrested by Tamil Nadu cops over alleged anti-Islam Facebook posts

Aneesh's friend has raised serious questions over the intent and sequence of his arrest stating he was taken to the Police station under false pretense.

Pakistan blocks Indian ex-Muslim atheist YouTuber for videos criticising Islam and its prophet, asking Muslims to leave the religion

Pakistan has blocked the YouTube channel of an Indian YouTuber who goes by the name of Zafar Heretic, an ex-Muslim atheist.

Neo-Atheists, Atheists, militant Atheism and everything in between: Caged by Abrahamic Monotheism

If the current episode has proved anything, it is that there is no essential difference between Charvakas and neo-atheists.

The Butterfly Effect: How riots in Sweden led to ex-Muslim atheists engaging in a bitter online brawl with Hindus and how their masks fell...

Armin Navabi, the founder of Atheist Republic, made an obscene tweet on Goddess Kali, which stirred the hornet's nest on social media.

Facebook de-platforms page that shared videos of ex-Muslims talking about how they were persecuted after they left Islam

Facebook, on the 27th of July 2020, unpublished a page on the social media platform called Ex-Muslims TV, that merely shared short videos of ex-Muslims and the persecution they faced by the community after they had left Islam.

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