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Alabama: Kenneth Eugene Smith to become first death row inmate to be executed by Nitrogen, alternate method chosen due to unavailability of lethal drugs

Kenneth Eugene Smith to become first death row inmate to get executed using nitrogen gas in Alabama in USA

UK imposes sanctions on Iran’s Prosecutor General after the execution of British-Iranian Alireza Akbari by Iran

UK sanctions Iran prosecutor general Mohammad Jafar Montazeri for execution of British Iranian national Alireza Akbari

‘Don’t read Quran after my death’: Iranian protestor in his will before execution

Majidreza Rahnavard was executed after a revolutionary court convicted him of ‘waging war against Allah’.

Afghanistan: Taliban justifies public executions, calls them punishment by ‘divine command’

Mohammad Ismail Rahmani, a senior leader of Taliban, defended public executions and termed them as 'divine commands'.

North Korea publicly executes two teenagers for watching and distributing South Korean films: Report

North Korea reportedly executed two teenagers for watching and circulating South Korean dramas among friends.

Islamic regime in Iran executes two men on charges of homosexuality: Report

Iran abides by the Islamic Sharia Law and routinely uses the charge of homosexuality to execute gays and lesbians

Taliban hangs man accused of kidnapping in full public glare, meant to be a lesson for others

Earlier, Taliban founder Mullah Nooruddin Turabi announced that they will carry out execution and amputation for crimes.

‘No-one will tell us what our laws should be’: Former Taliban ‘head of religious police’ says, executions and amputations set to resume in Afghanistan

Mullah Nooruddin Turabi, a former Talibani head of religious police claimed that extreme punishments like executions and amputations will restart again in Afghanistan

First anniversary of wrestler Navid Afkari’s execution: Siblings Saeed and Elham arrested as Iran’s Islamic regime continues to harass the wrestler’s family

Navid Afkari was executed by Iran on September 12, 2020, over the alleged murder of a security guard during the anti-government protests that swept the country in 2018.

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