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TMC leader Saket Gokhale peddles misinformation about recent reduction in petrol, diesel prices

The latest reduction in the duty is not from the Excise Duty but instead from the Additional Excise Duty, which is not shared with the states. Hence, the proposed reduction is entirely borne by the Centre.

Marital rape debate: Case right now, arguments for criminalisation, and 5 arguments that need to be considered before legislating

A High Court bench is hearing a batch of petitions that argues against the 'marital rape' exception in the Indian Penal Code.

The significance of spitting in Islam: How spitting can ‘ward off Satan’

Understanding the cultural significance of spitting in Islam and why, it is considered as an act that can ward away Satan

Anvay Naik suicide case for which Arnab Goswami was arrested: Letters exchanged, the closure report, and unanswered questions

On 4th of Nov, the country watched as Arnab Goswami was dragged out of his house by over 20 armed policemen for a closed 2018 suicide case

All you need to know about Shramik trains for migrant workers, and the answer to the burning question: Who pays for it all?

Central govt has now started 'shramik' special trains which are facilitating the return of migrant labourers back to their home states from the various states where they might be stranded due to the Coronavirus lockdown.

The Life and Crimes of the Tablighi Jamaat amidst the Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic: All You Need To Know

Tablighi Jamaat erupted across the national scene in the last week of March when around 200 people with Wuhan Coronavirus symptoms were admitted to various hospitals in Delhi from the Markaz Nizamuddin and surrounding places.

Modi government dispels myths about CAA: Here are 19 FAQs and their answers

With many spreading canards and misinformation regarding CAA, the Modi govt has released an FAQ that dispels myths

Ethiopian Airlines Crash: A close look at Boeing 737 MAX 8 systems

On 10th of March, A Nairobi bound Ethiopian airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8, carrying 149 passengers and 8 crews crashed 6 minutes after its take off from Addis Ababa.

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