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Journalist gets threats from Islamists after reporting on how some Madarsas refused to celebrate International Yoga Day even after circular from State: Details

Founder of online news channel Headlines India Naveen Chauhan said in a Facebook post that he has been getting threats since the channel published an expose on a madrasa in Uttar Pradesh.

‘Child activist’ Licypriya Kangujam claims her family is so poor they don’t even have a bed, her own social media posts expose her lies

Licypriya Kangujam claims her family is poor and can't afford a bed, her own photos show a decent house, TV, computer and various furniture

The Wire ties itself in knots as tech experts call out their photoshopped screenshots of ’emails’ to target Meta and BJP

The Wire has been accused of fabricating screenshots of emails for the latest report targeting Meta and BJP

AAP using party workers disguised as common people to claim that public wants a change of government in Gujarat, alleges journalist

Journalist Vijay Patel pointed out how AAP workers were disguised as random people in the video posted by 'Public Reaction Bank' YouTube channel.

Claims of Rana Ayyub being innocent fall flat, while she didn’t utilize collected money, she was seeking more donations by lying about relief work

Twitter user Hawk Eye explained how Rana Ayyub made tall claims about Covid relief campaigns she ran in two years.

Madhubani: Five arrested in the murder case of journalist Avinash Jha who was working to expose a fake medical clinic mafia

Five persons including a nurse arrested by Madhubani police in the case of murder of journalist Avinash Jha, who was exposing fake clinics

Allegations of fraud emerge against Congress supporter, who collected lakhs to raise an RTI army: Read details

Behere said he was categorically calling Saket Gokhale as "grade A fraud" and said that he was now suffering from 'buyer's remorse' for donating money to Saket Gokhale

Day after Kashmiri Pandit activist exposed NDTV, his Twitter account suspended for ‘violating Twitter rules’

The mysterious behaviour of Twitter which is often found censoring social media users for disagreeing to left-wing and ultra left-wing ideology has yet again come to the fore.

Stunning Revelation: Finance Secretary Rajiv Takru under Congress government silenced PNB whistleblower in 2013

Senior officials under the UPA government were aware of the potential scam unfolding in 2013.

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