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Allegations of fraud emerge against Congress supporter, who collected lakhs to raise an RTI army: Read details

Levelling further allegations on Saket Gokhale, who has been claiming to be a 'transparency activist', Behere revealed that Gokhale's RTIs have had absolutely "zero return on investment" and there has been no improvement or no benefit for the common man, just benefits for Saket Gokhale.

Allegations of fraud have been made against Congress supporter and ardent follower of Rahul Gandhi – Saket Gokhale. Saket Gokhale, who masquerades as an “RTI and Transparency Activist”, is now in dock after being accused of being a ‘fraud’ by a fellow left-liberal.

On Wednesday, a social media user named Amit Behere, a supporter of the Aam Aadmi Party and a member of the left-liberal coterie, took to social media to lament about the arrests of various far-left anti-India propagandists, Islamists and Urban Naxals over the last few years.

According to Behere, the arrest of former JNUSU President and sedition accused Kanhaiya Kumar back in 2016 had initiated a process of similar arrests including the latest arrest of alleged climate activist Disha Ravi, who is accused in the Greta Thunberg ‘toolkit’ case. He said that letting such arrests is when society starts rotting slowly.

It is important to note that Behere is influential among the left-liberal ecosystem and is followed by many official functionaries of Congress like Sanjay Jha, members of Aam Admi Party, journalists with various publications including Barkha Dutt’s MoJo, the alleged fact-checking website Alt News’ co-founder, Harsh Mandar, and many other ‘secular-liberals’.

As Behere cried over the latest arrests of the various anti-India propagandists, Congress supporter-cum-troll Saket Gokhale descended on his timeline to give sermons to AAP follower Amit Behere. Launching an attack on Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, Saket Gokhale said that the ‘rot’ started with the ‘extra-judicial murder’ of Ishrat Jahan in Gujarat and blamed AAP chief of collaborating with RSS to bring the murder into power at the centre.

It is pertinent to note that Ishrat Jahan Raza and three other Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists were gunned down by the Gujarat police on June 5, 2004. The four terrorists were planning to assassinate the then Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi. It is no surprise that the Congress supporter has dived into the support of the Islamic terrorists, who were conspiring to assassinate an elected Chief Minister of a state.

Responding to Gokhale’s barbs against Kejriwal, Behere said Saket Gokhale did not even understand the pattern that Modi government ‘victimised people using the judiciary, state, and media when they did not even commit the crime’. Taking a dig at Rahul Gandhi’s fanboy Saket Gokhale, Behere said that it was no wonder that Gokhale’s RTIs did not work outside social media.

He also expressed his regret for paying Rs. 25,000 to Saket Gokhale, which he said, he “would have been better spent on weed”.

However, a few social media users flagged Behere’s attack on fellow left-wing propagandist Saket Gokhale, saying demeaning the latter’s work was not acceptable.

Reacting to the criticism, Behere said he was categorically calling Saket Gokhale as “grade A fraud” and said that he was now suffering from ‘buyer’s remorse’ for donating money to Saket Gokhale. Behere said he was stupid enough to fall for Saket Gokhale’s fraud and demanded accountability for the same.

“When he raised money, 10s of lakhs, and I was stupid enough to fall for his bullshit, he said he would hire people to further RTI cause, I want their names and pay-checks,” said an angry Amit Bhere seeking details about the use of funds received by Saket Gokhale.

Levelling further allegations on Saket Gokhale, who has been claiming to be a ‘transparency activist’, Behere revealed that Gokhale’s RTIs have had absolutely “zero return on investment” and there has been no improvement or no benefit for the common man, just benefits for Saket Gokhale.

Stressing on an important point, Behere said he wanted to categorically know and quantify what Gokhale’s RTIs have achieved till now.

Asserting that Gokhale has not achieved anything through such donations, Behere said that Gokhale had returned his money and he should return all the money he has ‘stolen’ from trusting Indians.

“I want an audit of every penny of the 10s of lakhs of rupees he has ‘stolen’ from trusting Indians like me,” said the anguished AAP follower.

However, in a hurry to attack Saket Gokhale, Behere also hurled casteist abuses at him, claiming that he wanted to know how long must people like him keep funding fraudulent Brahmins for their bullsh*ts and fraud because they have been allegedly “doing that for 1000s of years”.

Behere, ending his tweets, said he knew quite a few RTI activists who pursue their activism without the need for donations. “What makes Saket Gokhale special? Why is filing a simple RTI so much work that he needs lakhs of rupees and a fancy lower Parel office?” asked Amit Behere.

Following the serious accusations by Amit Behere, Saket Gokhale asked him share his account number to return the money he had paid as donation.

The Congress supporter said he was neither donating to Sanghis nor he was Behere’s personal banker and went on to share the receipt of the money he returned to the AAP follower.

Responding to the allegations, Saket Gokhale said that Behere had donated to a website and no one personally approached or asked him to do it.

“I know you’re a man-child but time you took accountability for your own decisions. You have it now. I don’t have to indulge your bullsh*t no more,” said Saket Gokhale. However, he did not clarify about the alleged lakhs of rupees that he had collected, as per Behere’s allegations.

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