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Water bottles were filled with petrol, and clothes of policewomen were torn by attackers: Hindu activist narrates the horror of Haldwani violence

Bombs were made by pouring gasoline into glass and plastic bottles and magazine was also seized from police personnel.

Meet Devika Rotawan: Witness in the 26/11 terror attack who testified against Ajmal Kasab at the age of 11

"My wounds haven't healed in these 15 years. They are as fresh as ever. I am still struggling," lamented Devika Rotawan.

Young Israeli woman was gang-raped, shot in head, body mutilated: Chilling details of sexual assault by Hamas terrorists narrated by 7th Oct attack survivor

A woman who survived the Hamas massacre at the music festival said that she witnessed a young woman being gang-raped and then shot in the head.

Air India crew member says ‘witness’ in PeeGate scandal wanted an upgrade to first class, says the victim was on the window seat

One of the crew members said that she spoke to people aware of the incident and was informed that the alleged victim was sitting on the window seat on the other side of aircraft while the accused on aisle seat and said it would have been difficult to urinate on her.

‘Dada, they took away all my belongings. Nothing is left’: Victims of Mominpore anti-Hindu violence narrate their ordeal

"The window was broken and glass was scattered all over the bed. The pelted bricks were lying all over the place," another Hindu victim said.

Kheda violence: Eyewitness recall Congress leader Arif Sheikh leading the Muslim mob that stone-pelted the Navratri Garba event

Days after Islamists pelted stones at a Navaratri Garba event in the Kheda district of Gujarat, eyewitnesses have accused local Congress leader Arif Sheikh of leading the frenzied mob

Kanhaiya Lal beheading: Witness seeks for government help through media, currently living in hiding, report says

Rajkumar Sharma used to work in Kanhaiya Lal's shop and is one of the two witnesses who was present when the two Islamists attacked and beheaded him.

Kanhaiya Lal murder: Eyewitnesses Rajkumar Sharma and Ishwar Gaud who got injured in an attempt to save the deceased narrate the incident

Rajkumar sharma and Ishwar Gaud used to work in Kanhaiya Lal's shop. They both were present in the shop when Islamists attacked Kanhaiya Lal.

Another witness in the Malegaon bomb blast case takes a U-turn, says was pressurized by Maharashtra ATS to frame RSS leaders

17th witness in the Malegaon blast case turns hostile, says Maharashtra ATS had tortured him to frame RSS leaders

Sialkot lynching case: Eyewitness recounts that Sri Lankan national was tortured, had not committed blasphemy

A day after a Sri Lankan manager named Priyantha Kumara was lynched to death by an Islamist mob in Sialkot in Pakistan

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