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Union Minister Arun Jaitley calls the Congress manifesto an 'irresponsible document'
The MLAs who have formed a club against Kamal Nath and his government are displeased because of the Congress government's attitude and functioning.
Despite Rahul Gandhi's bravado, it appears that farmers are suffering immensely in Congress regimes.
The Congress party with their misadventures and the politics of farm loan waivers seems to be in the middle of a severe crisis
Congress leaders have an inherent quality of mocking the poor because of their elitist attitude
Congress government in Rajasthan have now started playing politics over their incapability of fulfilling their pre-poll promise of farm loan waiver.
Despite the farm loan waiver scheme, the farmer suicide seems to be on a rise.
The farmer was expecting a complete waiver of his loan amount of Rs 23,815 but the Panchayat list only suggests that only Rs.13 will be waived off.
Famers claim that loan waiver scheme only benefited them by mere Rs 25-30, even though loan amounts to Rs 1 lakh
Some farmers in Madhya Pradesh with no liability have claimed that the farm loans have been waived against their names
PM Modi also added that his government is committed to double farmers' income by 2022.
The local farmer union has claimed that many farmers are distressed in the state as their loans do not meet the terms and conditions set by the Congress government to obtain a waiver.
The BJP is set to hold 'Kisan Kumbh' at two and a half lakh Panchayat Samitis and also at more than seven thousand Krishi Mandis of the country.
Congress' farm loan waiver promise seems to have fallen flat
In December, two farmers in Karnataka committed suicide due to inability to repay their loan debts
PM Modi alleged that Congress policy of granting loan waiver hides their years of inefficiency which compelled a farmer to borrow loans
Rahul Gandhi must answer these questions on the tall promises he had made to farmers
Prime Minister Modi in his interview with ANI touched upon a lot of subjects and cleared air surrounding lot of controversies about his government.
PM stated that waiving off farmers' loan is never the solution, had it been the solution, why are there still farmers in distress while multiple governments have promised loan waivers over the years.
This is the third incident of a farmer committing suicide in the state of Madhya Pradesh as earlier two farmers had ended their lives after the newly elected Congress govt headed by Kamal Nath failed to clear their farm loans
The state is facing drought even as farmers continue to commit suicide despite farmer loan waiver.
He urged the people to beware of the lies of the Congress Party.
PM Modi, Amit Shah, Arun Jaitley and Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh met to outline a broad plan to tackle the growing agrarian distress.
In actual implementation of farm loan waiver by Congress governments, there are too many conditions, and many farmers are excluded
The newly elected state governments' inability to distribute urea has a created a situation of shortage during the crucial rabi season in both Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, which is putting crops at risk.
This is the second case of farmer suicide in Madhya Pradesh despite Congress government's 'loan waiver schemes'.
The report suggests that there is no clear timeline yet on how to proceed regarding the loan-waiver scheme and it will take a lot more time than expected to distribute loan waiver certificates to the farmers.
Populist policies like farm loan waiver of the Congress indicate two things; unwillingness to learn from past economic mistakes and the lack of a sound policy agenda to resolve some of the long-standing issues of Indian farmers.
The family of the deceased farmer allege that he ended his life as he was not entitled to the farm loan waive-off promised by the newly elected Chief Minister Kamal Nath.
'Farm loan waiver' strikes a dissent cord amongst bankers and economists

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