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farmer protests

Pinky hai paise walo ki: Rihanna charged Rs 74 crores to dance at Ambani’s wedding, after supporting Khalistani propaganda against Ambani, Adani

In February 2021, Rihanna attempted to peddle false propaganda against India by expressing support against farm laws

Haryana police’s strong action against goons in ‘farmer’ protest: To cancel passports and visas of violent elements, damage to be recovered from ‘leaders’

Haryana police has intiated the process to cancel passports and visas of violent elements at farmer protests

Old video of pro-Khalistani Ajmer Singh using derogatory remarks on Maa Durga surfaces, the naxalite-turned-‘historian’ is now participating in Farmer Protest 2.0

On 28th February, an old video of pro-Khalistani Naxalite-turned-"historian" Ajmer Singh using derogatory language against Maa Durgawent viral

Protesting ‘farmers’ whine about produce being exploited at Mandis, after forcing Modi govt to withdraw Farm Laws: Why their WTO demand makes no sense

Farmers during protest demand India's exit from WTO, ignoring the fact that GoI's pro-farmer stance at international stage.

‘They are ending MSP under WTO policy’: As farmers justify demand to exit WTO, read how India is resisting western pressure to reduce farm...

‘Under WTO policy, they are working to end MSP’, Farmer leader Jagjit Singh Dallewal justifies demand to withdraw India from WTO

YouTuber Shyam Meera Singh passes off old image from 2016 as police atrocity against farmer protestors, gets amplified by RJ Sayema

Shyam Meera Singh did not bother to verify the picture or make a simple reverse image search before making the unsubstantiated claims.

‘Farm unions are neglecting Punjab’s long-term interests’: Here is the generous proposal from the Modi govt that protesting farmers rejected

Farmers rejected generous proposal of the centre that would have helped small and marginalised farmers diversify crops and assured transition to sustainable practices.

Punjab farmers will not use trains, ‘Bhaiyye’ spit there, Deep Sidhu was Bhindranwale without Kesh – Protesting farmer at Haryana-Punjab border

A farmer from Punjab accused farmer leaders of ending the protests early in 2021 resulting in lesser number of protesters in farmer protests 2.0

Nihang ‘archer’ warns of ‘bloodbath’ on Baisakhi in Punjab, claims he can destroy drones with arrows

Nihang Sikh Gurvant Singh claimed there will be bloodbath in Punjab around Baisakhi.

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