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Kerala police recover fireworks stored for Hindu New Year festival from RSS worker’s house, Congress, media and Islamists spread fake news claiming it to...

Kerala Congress insinuated that the 770 KG "explosives" recovered from RSS affiliate were meant for terror activities. However, those were firecrackers for upcoming Vishu Festival

Months after Diwali, Delhi air continues to be in ‘severe’ condition, a look back at how the Hindu festival was blamed for it

On Sunday, the Air Quality Index (AQI) in Delhi surpassed the 400 mark for the 24 hours, categorising it as 'severe'.

Salman Khan fans burst firecrackers during the screening of ‘Tiger 3’ inside a cinema hall in Malegaon, causing a stampede-like situation

The video of the incident shows Salman Khan fans bursting crackers inside a cinema as Khan makes his entry in 'Tiger 3' movie.

Chennai: Police lodge 581 cases against people for ‘flouting’ time limit of Supreme Court, burning firecrackers with ‘excessive noise’

The police team engaged in intensive surveillance from November 11-13 with raids on cracker distributors.

‘Don’t burst firecrackers’: AAP Minister who said farm fires from Punjab don’t cause pollution requests people to not celebrate Diwali with fireworks

Last week, Minister Gopal Rai said that BS3 petrol and BS4 diesel vehicles coming from Uttar Pradesh have been contributing to the deterioration of the air quality index in the national capital. Rai’s statement came after Anand Vihar’s AQI touched 999 making it extremely hazardous.

Bombay High Court further restricts window for burning of firecrackers during Diwali: Details

The Bombay High Court expressed concern over sale of crackers with 'banned chemicals' and continued the ban on debris transportation in MMR till November 19 this year.

No blanket ban on firecrackers, only the ones with barium salt, but all states should work to reduce pollution: SC ahead of Diwali

The court said there is a wrong perception that it is the court's responsibility on the issue of the environment.

8 lakh industry workers in Tamil Nadu’s Sivakasi staring at unemployment due to ban on firecrackers by Delhi and other govts

Eight lakh workers in Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu, who rely on the industry face a gloomy future this year since Delhi has imposed a blanket ban on firecrackers until January 1

SC sides with Delhi govt, rejects plea seeking permission for production and sale of green firecrackers ahead of Diwali

Supreme Court supports Delhi govt's ban on manufacture, sale and use of greem firecrackers ahead of Diwali

Supreme Court reserves order on manufacture and use of green firecrackers during Diwali in Delhi, says at present all firecrackers are banned

Supreme Court on Thursday said that it will consider whether the manufacture and use of green crackers can be permitted or not and reserved the order

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