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The Supreme Court directed the government to submit a comparative study on the pollution caused by firecrackers and automobiles.
A few weeks back, Priyanka and campaigned for a crackerless Diwali
In both Sabarimala and firecrackers ban, there has been widespread disobedience and if the state wants to implement these policies against the will of people, a disproportionate amount of force will have to be used.
TANFAMA had also submitted in the Court that a firecracker ban would have terrible consequences for the lakhs of people dependent on the industry for employment.
The only thing that Barkha does get right in her video is the fact that Hindus are not hapless victims.
The messaging is indeed confusing. Were they fighting pollution or the festival of Diwali itself?
Actions have consequences and I am afraid the consequences of traumatizing young children will not be very pretty for our country.
Not the first time Lord Ram has landed in legal troubles.
Autonomy does not take long to turn into a dictatorship.
The arguments for banning beef are exactly the same as those for banning Diwali firecrackers. With the happy exception that a ban on favourite can actually save the world.
Kolkata police has made Diwali firecracker rules more strict than already strict court order
The man was arrested as his children were bursting crackers, his neighbour informed the police.
It is about time the Delhi Government takes cognizance of the need to find a solution to the chronic problem of pollution that the citizens face.
Earlier Supreme Court had set 8pm-10pm as time allowed to burst firecrackers
Manufacturers say there is no such thing as Green firecrackers
The judicial activists want to slap their morality and their brand of ethics on the entire populace through the legal system.
The Supreme Court also ordered the ban on the online sale of firecrackers and put a stay on the e-commerce portals from selling firecrackers.
A complaint has been filed against the headmaster and physical education teacher

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