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Clause 9 of the rules states that an advocate should not represent organizations he is a member of. The BCD had sought a reply from Bhushan over Major Punia's complaint. In his response, Prashant Bhushan had conceded that he had indeed violated the rule.
Narendra Modi, through his actions on foreign funded NGOs and endorsement of Akshaya Patra, has made it clear that clipping the wings of 'civil society' is among its long list of priorities.
From 300 employees at its peak, Greenpeace India is now down to about 20 staffers including those based at the headquarter in Bengaluru
The decision to award Akshaya Patra the Gandhi Peace Prize is likely to displease many people from a certain quarter.
Greenpeace has said that it only has funds to pay employees for about 2 months.
The web of foreign-funded NGOs that demonised the Amarnath Yatra, French NGO that complained against Rafale in France and the demand to remove Akshaya Patra from midday meals contract
The order by the Home Ministry further states that show cause notices were served to the barred NGOs to which they failed to reply.
Malhotra is set to deliver his first lecture at the Centre for Media Studies on the 2nd of November.
The enquiry will be conducted under the supervision of a former Supreme Court judge.
NDA government has been investigating unauthorised foreign funding received by NGOs
Advocate Prashant Bhushan is in the governing council of the NGO.
Narendra Modi is working in the right direction, however, the obstacle still remains significant.
The civil society was known to exert a disproportionate influence on policy-making during the UPA regime.
It's of critical importance that the government reviews its FCRA policy.
Gist of the matter is this: one of the organizations which were involved in the publishing of the report received significant donations from Christian organizations based abroad.
Mostly all of these organizations have received funds running in crores
There has been a sharp decline in foreign funding received by NGOs too
The tool is stated to have analytical features to conduct big data mining and data exploration.
In total about 42 organisations are under the scanner for alleged FCRA violations
Protests have been planned by the catholic church and Tamil Nadu Bishops’ Council
Mainstream media reports tried to hide the religious nature of the NGO

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