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Is Rahul Gandhi trying to be India’s Zelenskyy? Will Congress let foreign powers control the nation so the dynasty prince gets the throne?

The India of now is a strong, independent global power that does not bend to the Western world's will, but political entities like the Congress would gladly trade that with foreign players in exchange for a grab at power.

In the eerie realm of nature’s horrors, a sinister phenomenon unfolds as a parasitic fungus, Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, masterfully manipulates its unsuspecting host: the carpenter ant. When the fungus infiltrates the ant’s body, it seizes control of its central nervous system. The ant then becomes the slave of the fungus, with zero control over its behavior and functions.

What ensues next is a nightmarish transformation, as the fungus compels the ant to abandon its colony and ascend to the highest possible point. In the final act of this macabre drama, the fungus makes the ant bite down hard onto a leaf or twig, effectively nailing itself alive.

As the fungus consumes the ant from the inside out, the body of the ant bursts open, releasing stalk-like structures from where the fungus releases spores down onto the ant colony, claiming more and more victims.

Nature is full of such examples of total parasitic control. The thing is, even human history has been full of eerie manifestations of such acts. When an infestation takes control over a new host body, it uses the host body’s resources for its own benefit, manipulates its behavior and metabolism, eventually kills the host body to produce offspring, and continues the cycle on new hosts.

When a thriving, vibrant nation falls prey to the colonialism of a foreign power, the same scene unfolds in a wider, grander, manner transcending through generations of sociopolitical changes. The parasite feeds on the host nation, manipulating its politics, controlling the behavior of the masses, using the resources of the country for its own benefit, and eventually sucking it dry. The coloniser dehumanises the subjects and keeps using the host country till the resources last and the utility continues.

The bane of a short human lifespan, shorter memories, and even smaller human perception is that most colonies fail to notice their own slavery when the act lasts. It is only in retrospective reminiscence that they realise they have been sucked dry, taken for a ride, and cheated. Sometimes there are enough citizens left to organise and rebuild, sometimes, there are not enough good people left and the host country turns into an annihilated ruin. There are plenty of examples of this phenomenon in the past and present world.

The world has been watching as Ukraine, the largest country in Europe, gets decimated, and blasted to ruins each passing day. Those who blindly believe the mainstream media and the Western Koolaid of sanctimonious, self-righteous snobbery, will nod their heads and repeat what has been fed to them all these months. “Putin is evil, and Zelenskyy is a hero. Ukraine is good, evil Russia is destroying it and NATO forces are protecting it by pumping billions of dollars and all their weapons.”

Those who have been reading both sides of the story, and have been observing the world in the last few years, know that no story is that black and white. Ukraine is effectively being sacrificed to serve NATO’s purpose of a decimated grey zone between its own empire and Russia. A conscious observer would notice how the US infiltrated Ukraine’s politics and propped politicians to further its own interests, and how the Maidan massacre was orchestrated and highlighted with precision to take an elected government down. And how the Ukrainian puppet government thereafter was controlled and manipulated by the controlling forces, bombing their own citizens, turning people against people, slowly becoming a host body for NATO, and essentially the slave of the US military-industrial complex.

Zelenskyy became the president of Ukraine with active US support and worked further to propagate the military agenda of NATO. Though people believe that the Russia-Ukraine war began on February 24, 2022, the hostilities, in fact, have been going on since 2014, after the color revolution in Ukraine to topple the Yanukovich government and the Russian annexation of Crimea, by a popular referendum by the people of Crimea.

Shortly before the 10th anniversary of the Maidan massacre, a trial verdict has confirmed in October 2023 that the Maidan protestors were shot dead not by the then government, but by snipers located in Maidan-controlled buildings. The verdict also highlights that after the ‘orchestrated’ firing on the Maidan activists, the subsequent media narrative, political decisions, and statements from the Western world have been mostly misleading, propagating a wrong trope of ‘good Ukraine’ and blaming Russia for everything.

from a detailed report by Canadiandimension on the verdict of the Maidan massacre by Ukrainian court

Since the war and hostilities under Zelenskyy’s rule, the West, which never stops pontificating over democracy, human rights, rules -based international order, and such fancy ideologies, has witnessed and enabled Zelenskyy to discard a peace agreement with Russia that would have stopped the war, suspend all opposition parties in Ukraine, ban all independent media, enforce military enrollment on the general public, and pushing for the NATO expansion eastward, the ONE thing Russia has been telling that it won’t allow.

When the leaders of a nation are controlled by foreign powers, furthering their interests and acting as their puppets, Ukraine is what happens.

Coming to India, we are a far more diverse country. There are a thousand socio-political differences in India, a hundred faultlines. We are the bloodied, battered survivors of hundreds of years of brutal colonisation and have somehow lived to tell the tale. We have faced centuries of exploitation, brainwashing, and deprivation and have yet somehow managed to stay alive as a nation. However, India is neither immune nor alien to foreign powers asserting their control and expanding their tentacles continuously to bend India to their will.

The victory of Narendra Modi in 2014 was a significant event in India’s political landscape and the geopolitical dynamics of the region. The decades of Congress rule, essentially the rule of Jawaharlal Nehru and his descendants, was finally over and a nationalist political party that put Indian interests ahead of global pressure was elected with a brute majority, unlike Vajpayee’s previous government that depended on motley alliance partners to stay in power.

Congress has been a dynasty party, they want the Gandhi family in power

The Gandhi family, which was out of power after decades of almost a dynasty-like control over India, did not take this lightly. They had assumed a smooth power transition to Rahul Gandhi, the latest dynast, after Manmohan Singh, who basically was the rubber stamp for Sonia Gandhi.

The politics of Congress since then has been gradually more and more divisive. Deprived of power, the Gandhi family keeps seeking foreign intervention. Many may have dismissed Mani Shankar Aiyer’s ‘Unhe hataiye, hemein le ayiye” in Pakistan as a low level rant, but Rahul Gandhi has been saying the same thing over and over, sending the same message to Western powers for years, in English and wrapped in the shiney packaging of sophistication. The message has been the same: appealing for a regime change in India.

Over the years, through repeated election defeats, Congress has more or less understood that they will not be able to win against Modi. Through the mainstream media, through NGOs and foreign-funded civil society organisations in India and abroad, through talks, protests, and debates, Congress has been trying to push one narrative: that the Modi government must be removed from power, by whatever means.

In their hunger for power, and the desire of the Gandhi dynasty to hold that power, the Congress has been insulting the public mandate. Elections in India have been free and fair. Modi was chosen by the people of India with an overwhelming majority, twice, but the narrative the Congress always tries pushing is that the choice has been wrong.

Congress’ stand on the Adani-Hindenburg issue, exactly what George Soros wanted

In early 2023, speaking at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in Germany ahead of the Munich Security Conference, Soros gave away the political designs behind the attacks on the Adani Group. He had stated that the issue is going to be raised in the Parliament, and may even trigger a ‘democratic revival’ in India, exactly what Congress has been trying to do.

Soon after Soros’ statement over the Adani-Hindenburg issue went viral in India, triggering discussions that the attack on the conglomerate was intended to target PM Modi politically, Congress had to hurriedly come clean. Party spokesperson came to clarify that everything Congress has been doing was on their own accord and they have nothing to do with Soros.

2 weeks after the George Soros fiasco, Rahul Gandhi traveled abroad to Cambridge University. Addressing students and faculty there, the Congress prince tried to paint a fake, dire, and grim picture of India. He spoke blatant lies, claiming that he and other MPs have been jailed by the Modi government, despite the fact that he had just concluded a pan-India tour under full media fanfare.

“Indian democracy is under attack (by the Modi government). The institutional framework required in a democracy, the parliament, the judiciary, the free press etc are also under constraint. The idea of mobilisation, the idea of just moving around, is under constraint. We are facing an attack on the basic structure of the Indian democracy…” lied the Congress prince, rightfully expecting the Western organisations, and media to totally ignore the fact that he was free to tour the country in ultra-luxury vehicles, constantly holding rallies and addressing media and the public with full fanfare in his Bharat Jodo Yatra.

2 days later, speaking to the Indian Journalist Association in the UK, Rahul Gandhi fearmongered some more. “The structures of India’s democracy are under brutal attack and the opposition is fighting the institutional structures of the country. The media, the institutional frameworks, the judiciary, and parliament are all under attack. And we were finding it very difficult to put our voice and the voice of the people through normal channels. This has never been seen in modern India before”. Rahul said.

Falsely positioning himself as the “leader of all the Opposition parties that are trying to unite against Modi”, Rahul Gandhi spoke as if India is a tinpot dictatorship and he is the hounded, harassed revolutionary trying to fight for the rights of the people. Only the Indian public knows that Rahul is a fourth-generation dynast who expects to sit on the family throne and “rule” India, just like his father, grandmother, and great-grandfather did.

Only the Indian public knows that far from the “leader of all the Opposition parties standing up against Modi”, Rahul Gandhi cannot even gather 50 MPs of his own to select him as their leader. However, the mainstream media, the foreign-funded NGOs, and their ‘civil society’ agents who decide the dominant Leftist media narrative in India and the West alike, props Rahul Gandhi up as some sort of tragic hero, a lone knight who is challenging the maniacal, tyrant king that they portray Modi as.

In India, and abroad, Congress has been pushing hard against the EVMs. They have not managed to produce a shred of evidence that EVMs in India can be tampered with and they conveniently choose silence when they win state elections with the same EVMs, but Congress has been trying to frame a narrative around EVMs, with the larger agenda of calling the Indian elections fraudulent. Their goal is simple, discredit the democratic process and gain power through backdoor policy.

In June 2023, during his 10-day US tour, Rahul Gandhi was seen with Sunita Vishwanath in a picture of a talk shared by the Hudson Institute.

Sunita Vishwanath is the co-founder of a US-based organisation called “Hindus for Human Rights” which has spread lies and propaganda mainly against Hindus, allied with Islamists, and has ties to George Soros. Sunita Vishwanath, who was pictured alongside Rahul Gandhi, had tried to create hysteria and panic among Indian Muslims about the National Register of Citizens (NRC).

George Soros has made his intentions clear against the Modi government and has pledged over a billion dollars for regime change operations through civil society organisations, in countries that have governments that he doesn’t like.

Congress’ association with anti-India forces around the world has been an open secret for years now. From signing a secret MoU with China’s community party to hobnobbing with organisations peddling the Islamist narrative, to mirroring the anti-Modi agenda so much so that almost mimicking the government of Pakistan, Congress has been virtually knocking on every door, every ‘donor’ to help them gain power from the hands of India’s democratically elected government.

In 2021, a Congress toolkit surfaced on social media which described a deliberate attempt by the Congress party to use the Covid-19 crisis to undermine the NDA Government at the Center. The toolkit spoke of deliberately maligning the Kumbh Mela, and blocking hospital beds, and using international media to aid the Congress campaign against the BJP.

Interestingly, Congress wrote to Twitter calling the toolkit fake, and like clockwork, the US-based company, under its earlier ownership which was admittedly Leftist, started flagging all tweets by pro-BJP handles that were sharing that toolkit as ‘manipulated media’.

The govt of India registered strong objections to Twitter’s behavior, which was politically biased. From maligning the Kumbh Mela as a ‘super spreader’ event to unwarranted attacks against PM Modi for the Central Vista project to collaborating with ‘friendly’ journalists and international media to defame the Modi government, the toolkit had detailed instructions to the Congress leaders and supporters to milk the ongoing Covid-19 crisis and mount an anti-Modi propaganda blitz.

In April 2021, speaking at Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics, Gandhi insisted that the US government establishment should ‘say more’ about ‘what is happening in India.

In 2022, at the ‘Ideas for India’ conference in the United Kingdom, Rahul Gandhi had sought foreign intervention again. During his controversial address, Rahul Gandhi signaled his desire for foreign intervention two times.

A list of Rahul Gandhi’s mysterious foreign trips and repeated calls for foreign interference in India’s internal affairs can be read here.

Bloodshed, anti-democratic behaviour, and enabling genocide: Congress has done it all for power

When it comes to snatching and keeping power, there are few things that the Congress party hasn’t done or won’t do. Rahul’s grandmother imposed an emergency in this country when she was about to lose power. She jailed opposition politicians, muzzled media, and unleashed relentless atrocities on dissenting voices when her legitimacy was challenged by a legal case.

When Indira was assassinated by her Sikh bodyguards, her son Rajiv dismissed the rampant massacre against Sikh civilians. Waving away the widespread murders of Sikh men and women, Rajiv had famously said, “When a big tree falls, the earth shakes”.

If one looks deeper into the history of modern India, it will become clear that from the early days, the intentions and actions of the Congress party have been less about the welfare of the people of India and the protection of India’s interests, and more about attaining, and keeping power. It was Congress, after all, that oversaw, agreed to, and watched the partition of India on religious lines, being fully aware that it would unleash the bloodshed of millions and weaken the country.

So, how far will Rahul Gandhi go to sit on the throne?

Rahul Gandhi has been fanning a divisive agenda on the basis of caste, economy, and regionalism for years now. Wherever there is a faultline, Rahul Gandhi tries to exploit it to his benefit. Be it inciting caste hatred among the masses or instigating the poor against the wealth creators in the country, Rahul Gandhi has been subtly, and sometimes not so subtly displaying the intentions to let the country burn in chaos.

Through speeches, promises and talks, the Congress, with Rahul Gandhi as their prince in waiting, has been playing a dangerous game. The caste census push, the rampant lies and fanning of misplaced anger against corporates, the attempts to sow rifts between South and North, spreading misinformation against the army and government, Congress has been searching desperately for conflicts. India has a thousand faultlines, another aspect of its thousand shades of diversity, and Congress has been keen on exploiting them all to their benefit. From the farmer protests to the Delhi riots to language divides to anti-Hindu agenda, they have their fingers dipped everywhere.

The only thing that is standing between complete chaos and stability in India is a strong public mandate and the brute majority of the Modi government at the centre. The India of now is a strong, independent global power that does not bend to the Western world’s will, but political entities like the Congress would gladly trade that with foreign players in exchange for a grab at power. All it would take is incidents like the Maidan massacre, some riots, a coordinated assault of media misinformation against certain individuals, and India would be lost in chaos. How far will Rahul Gandhi go?

As another general election approaches, India needs to brace for chaos, internal and external alike, because the parasitic powers are always lurking, searching for a perfect host to infect. Multiple war fronts are now open across the world, and more conflicts are brewing. Strong democratic nations like India that do not cede control to neocolonial powers are the only forces standing for peace. For India to be safe from parasites, India has to elect leaders that put Indian interests ahead of their personal ambitions and narrow self-interests.

We must vote wisely. Because we cannot be the next Ukraine.

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