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The question is where would the Congress get these ideas from for their Manifesto. Why would a party that has governed India for 58 years suddenly be so irresponsible?
Abhijit has spent 42 days in jail because the judiciary has denied him bail. Let that be clear.
Twitter has been accused of exercising its power to regulate free speech on its platform.
What next? Congress Prime Ministerial candidate to speak on 'artificial intelligence'?
As per some 'liberals', Bukhari was killed because Anand thought his views were not moderate enough!
The Congress and the Left are anything but the harbingers of Freedom of Expression
Decoding a tweet by Anand Ranganathan to Manish Tewari that has got people’s head spinning
It is time one stops eulogizing Jawaharlal Nehru as some apostle of freedom of speech
Mimicry artist Shyam Rangeela told that his words were twisted by the media
The denial goes against all the media reports during the day
Twitter users remind Congress of their true legacy
The Time magazine has hailed someone threatening jail for memes as a free speech warrior
She had allegedly received threats online, but the martyr’s daughter is now sending out threats online.
Sushant Sinha, a journalist earlier with NDTV, has written an open letter to ‘unwell’ Ravish Kumar.
The hatemonger masquerading as journalist justified his wish to see Narendra Modi dead.
Islamists were unhappy with articles written by him and have threatened to chop of an arm and a leg.
if you want freedom, learn to outrage on every assault on freedom of expression.
An open letter to Mr. Bhandarkar, explaining why Congress' opposition to Indu Sarkar totally 'makes sense'.
Emergency of 1975 was not a one time mistake. It was was culmination of a long term project by the Congress party.
The social activist has responded in detail why the case against her is unjust and has also questioned the silence of some.
Maharashtra has become the first state to pass a special law that aims to protect journalists from attacks.
Four major areas of actions that the government should focus on for overall development.
Rakhi Sawant faces arrest as she had repeated the story on a TV channel last year. A movie was banned too.
My friend told me that removing IPC 295(A) is idealistic and won’t help Hindus. I tried to reason.
Kamal Haasan's comments on Mahabharat shows that he doesn't understand the complexities of the epic.
I will revere you only if you align to my ideology, else you will be dismissed as a troll, misogynist or racist.
For long, a particular group has controlled the narrative and monopolised the speech. They face challenge now.
The leftist ecosystem is attacking and maligning anyone who disagrees with her, but we must deconstruct her ideas.

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