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Before taking RSF’s ‘Press Freedom’ Index seriously, read its ‘Fact-file’: Modi Bhakt, Godi Media slur, jibes against Hindu Nationalists and overall dishonesty

Press Freedom in India, according RSF's own ranking has drastically declined during the Congress years while it blames Narendra Modi for the same

‘Press Freedom Index’ and their bias: Despotic nations, that persecute journalists regularly, score better than India. Read about their track record

Reporters without Borders (RSF) published its annual 'Press Freedom' rankings for the year 2021-2022, in which India has been ranked 150th out of 180 countries

Kerala: Communists intimidate journalist who questioned assault on an auto driver by CPI (M) goons during ‘Bharat bandh’, here is what we know so...

According to advocate A Jayashankar, John was being made a scapegoat by the Communist regime to compensate for the flop show on Bharat Bandh.

Myanmar court jails US journalist for 11 years for breaching immigration laws and encouraging dissent against military

Fenster’s trial took place behind closed doors, inside Insein prison, where he and many of those detained are imprisoned.

Chhattisgarh: As Baghel-Deo fight continues, police arrest two journalists for publishing content against Congress MLAs

The arrested journalists ran a web portal and had allegedly published some reports against ruling party MLAs talking against the chief minister of Chhattisgarh.  

US Justice Department takes down 36 Iranian websites from Iranian Islamic Radio and Television Union and KH: Read full details

On June 22, the United States Justice Department took down 36 Iranian websites for violating the sanctions issued by the US.

Pakistan: Journalist Hamid Mir faces sedition charges for threatening to reveal military secrets after being taken off-air

A petition seeking sedition charges against Hamid Mir was filed on Friday in Lahore High Court for his comments on Army

‘Can’t endure the constant harassment anymore, please kill us with a single machete stroke’: Kerala journalist tells CPIM

The Communist supporters on social media began maligning her husband and claimed that he was found in 'suspicious circumstances, as per the journalist.

Pakistan: Geo News anchor Hamid Mir taken off air for exposing the Pakistan army’s atrocity on journalists. Here is what he said

We are up against a cowardly enemy which believes that we don't know them. We know who you are," Hamid Mir had criticised the Pakistani military establishment recently.

China summons UK ambassador for her ‘arrogant article’ on media freedom, diplomat pushes back: Here is what transpired

Britain ambassador to China was summoned by the Chinese foreign ministry to chastise her for an article she wrote

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