Monday, June 24, 2024



Tauba Tauba: Twitter in splits after Pakistani TV anchor confuses Apple Inc with the fruit

The panellist had not yet finished when the TV anchor interrupted and said that she had heard somewhere that there are numerous varieties of apple.

Alunomics: Congress President Rahul Gandhi explains the economics behind potato chips

Potato chips are the flavour of the election season.

Has Social Media become a ‘Heads you win Tails I lose’ situation for the Congress party?

Has heightened social media presence come back to haunt the Congress party?

Congress twitter handle claims Indira Gandhi inaugurated a project 8 years after her death

Congress social media team itself needs lessons on #KnowYourLegacy

Congress Twitter handle goofs up, yet again

Congress continues with the legacy of gaffes

Rahul Gandhi’s comeback: Fail speech and inconvenience to Mumbaikars

Rahul Gandhi inconveniences Mumbaikars on his comeback

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